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Ford Contract Talks With UAW Remain Stalled Over EV Plants

Long before the United Auto Workers (UAW) began its targeted strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis a little over a month ago, the union made it quite clear that it wanted to organize each of the automaker’s future EV plants. Though those facilities are still under construction – with hiring just beginning at the Ford BlueOval City site – this topic has quickly become one of the main barriers preventing both sides from reaching a new agreement, along with beefed up retirement security. That’s still the case today, it seems – roughly one week after that news originally came to light – according to Reuters.

While General Motors has reportedly already agreed to include its future EV facilities in the next master contract with the UAW, Ford has remained adamant that it wants to hire workers at those plants and then let them decide if they want to vote in the union or not. Now, however, this new report suggests that the UAW and the Detroit Big Three automakers are looking at different options such as taking workers that are displaced from unionized plants and moving them to new EV facilities.

This concept isn’t exactly new either, as Ford previously asked the UAW for more flexibility regarding its ability to move workers from one plant to another – an idea that stems from uncertainty regarding future EV demand. With EV adoption in the U.S. currently lagging behind places like Europe and China, Ford wants to secure the ability to shift workers from one facility to another, with the idea that it can focus its workforce on building vehicles that are facing the highest demand at any given time, regardless of whether those vehicles are ICE-powered or all-electric. In its current UAW contract, Ford is restricted from engaging in such activities.

Ford BlueOval City Signed Beam Installation

Ford previously accused the UAW of holding up talks over its future EV plants – allegations the union has denied. At the same time, UAW President Shawn Fain previously criticized Ford’s $9.2 billion dollar loan from the Department of Energy, along with the automaker’s decision to pause construction at the BlueOval Battery Park Michigan site amid uncertainties regarding the terms of its next contract.

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  1. Michael K

    Ford could shutter Flat Rock and move the workers to Marshall, or shutter Louisville and move them to Blue Oval City. There is no way Ford is going to increase its UAW membership, but they have to staff those facilities.

    1. Mr. UAW

      Michigan is no longer a right to work state. Ford might not want more UAW members after all this, but they will.

  2. Shockandawe

    Fain, I double dare you to shut down another Furd plant! Go ahead try it!

  3. Quandarius Figglebottom

    The answer should be no. Ford needs to rid themselves of the UAW.

    1. Mr. UAW


      1. mskedzior

        The UAW has not collaborated with Ford on anything; Eventually a contract with Ford will be ratified and the UAW will get most of what they wanted except for:
        1. A defined benefit pension plan
        2.A four day work week
        3. A guaranteed UAW representation in Ford’s new battery plants
        When a new contract comes up in four years, Ford will not put themselves in the same situation as they are now; They will design their production facilities thru automation so that less workers are needed.
        The UAW members can then thank their UAW management team for their current plight


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