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Ford Crown Victoria Collection May Be World’s Largest: Video

Though it was discontinued some time ago, the Ford Crown Victoria remains a somewhat common sight on today’s roads, and in fact, was still in use by select police departments in the U.S. just a few years ago as well. The Crown Vic also has its fair share of fans out there in the world, endearing itself to folks that just like an old fashioned body-on-frame sedan with V8 power, rear-wheel drive, and enough room for the whole family. However, there may not be a bigger fan of the Ford Crown Victoria than a fellow named Mike, who lives in Corning, New York.

World's Largest Ford Crown Victoria Collection

Recently, the folks behind the YouTube channel Limited Edition Motorcars were able to visit Mike and his Crown Vic collection, which may very well be the largest one on the planet. This collection is so big, in fact, that Mike is enlisting our host to help him sell some of it, as it has simply become overwhelming. From what we can see in the video, that sentiment is completely understandable, because Mike has one heck of a lot of cars on his property.

Regardless, he’s still struggling with the idea of parting ways with any of these Crown Vics, which include some very low-mileage examples from various model years – both civilian and Police Interceptor models – as well as a few that are loaded with every option imaginable. Walking into some of the buildings here is almost like taking a trip back in time, visiting a Ford dealership decades ago, in fact.

Mike and our host are in the process of figuring out which cars will be sold, as well as gathering the details for those listings, but we imagine that both will find plenty of suitors out there. After all, we certainly still have a lot of love for the Ford Crown Victoria, and this collection has more than a few that we’ve love to own as well.

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  1. CrabbyMilton

    Such a shame that they stopped building those. If I had to make a guess, if they still built those, they likely wouldn’t have had a V8. They don’t even put a V8 in the EXPEDTION/NAVIGTOR so what makes you think they would have with the CROWN VICTORIA/GRAND MARQUIS. Hybrid versions would have been a given which no doubt would have been a cabbie favorite.

    1. wjtinfwb

      An updated Crown Vic with a 2.7L EcoBoost and the 10-speed automatic would be an outstanding car and I’d buy one to go with my Bronco, Focus ST and Excursion. Make either the 3.5L EB or the 5.0 Coyote optional and adapt the Mustang’s IRS rear end. A light freshening of the interior and exterior and you have a modern, rugged and extremely capable 4 dr. sedan for everything from civilian to police, taxi and fleet use. An excellent car that was euthanized way before it’s expiration date.

      1. CrabbyMilton

        Plus a great platform for a CONTINENTAL.

  2. someday

    how many does he have?

  3. Dave Mathers

    The bigger question is WHY!! LMAO

  4. Joseph lombardi

    I bought the 1st one

  5. Dale Dantoni

    My local PD is still running a few Crown Vic’s.

    Let that sink in. These cars are so rugged and so reliable the police can still use them as an effective patrol car. No, there aren’t dozens of them but I still see a few running around with full Liveries and roof lights.

    They were simply one of the best, most rugged cars ever built and we got screwed by CAFE standards and safety regulations.

    This would have been one heck of a car with an updated engine, but I doubt they’d still have the 500,000 mile endurance with a turbo Eco-Boost engine.

    These cars will be extremely collectible because everyone alive for the last 30 years will recognize it as “a cop car or a taxi.” It’s a piece of our culture and history.

    1. CrabbyMilton

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the HENRY FORD MUSUEM would grab a couple for either a static display or a nostalgic taxi or cop car in the VILLAGE section.
      You are correct about the longterm durabilty of the 3.5 ECOBOOST when compared to the 4.6L. Perhaps they would have offered a non turbo V6 as standard with an optional turbo. Always fun to play what if.

    2. Matthew Douglas Limberg

      It wasn’t just CAFE standards that they got rid of the Panther platform for, it was safety standards as well. Otherwise they would have just put the coyote and a 6 speed in it, added $5k to the price and called it a day for a few more years. It would be good to have a new Crown Vic and Town Car using a modified Mustang platform (unibody, I know) and just soften it up to be a comfortable highway cruiser with the same engines.

  6. Linda robertson

    I have a 1987 crown Victoria and it still runs good


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