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Ford E-Transit Based Endeavor EV Concept Officially Debuts

Aside from providing commercial customers with an all-electric alternative to ICE vans, the Ford E-Transit is also inspiring some third-party companies to create campers out of that model, too. Thus far, this list includes the Winnebago e-RV concept, the updated version of that known as the ERV2 prototype, and the Grounded G1. Now, that list continues to grow with the debut of the all-new Ford E-Transit based Endeavor EV concept from UK-based motorhome maker Bailey of Bristol.

Bailey of Bristol Ford E-Transit Endeavor EV Concept Interior 001

Developed in partnership with Ford Pro, the Endeavor EV concept isn’t quite production ready, but it is intended to demonstrate the potential of an electrified motorhome. It features fully-electric appliances, as well as low carbon recycled materials in places like the model’s work surfaces, upholstery fabric, and furniture handles, along with features including an adaptable living space with working, lounging, and sleeping layouts, plus a voice controlled lighting system.

Bailey of Bristol Ford E-Transit Endeavor EV Concept Interior 002

Bailey of Bristol notes that the Endeavor EV would cost considerably more – 75 percent more than its existing ICE counterpart, in fact – to produce, which is part of the reason why it’s just a concept for now. Real-world range is a bit low at just 108 miles as well, though charging speeds are solid, as it can reach an 80 percent state of charge in around 35 minutes using a DC fast charging port. Regardless, Bailey of Bristol is aiming to become a NetZero business by 2050, which means that it plans on continuing to develop an all-electric solution.

Bailey of Bristol Ford E-Transit Endeavor EV Concept Interior 003

“We have really enjoyed working in partnership with Ford Pro on the Endeavor EV project,” said Endeavor EV Concept Vehicle Managing Director Nick Howard. “Not only has it given us the chance to build on an electric base vehicle for the first time but has also provided with the opportunity to experiment with new design concepts and materials in the living space. Hopefully it will provide NEC visitors a glimpse into the future of leisure vehicle design. We look forward to receiving their feedback at the show.”

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  1. Nicholas Benedetto

    Electric vehicles may be the wave of the future, but not yet. Not enough range. Not enough infrastructure. Batteries are very expensive and not built to last long term. If they ever find a way to make them self charging, I’d consider switching.


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