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Ford EV Charging Partner Named To ‘Brands That Matter’ List

Ford’s relationship with Electrify America has been a good one from the get-go, with the third-party charging network providing complimentary charging for Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E owners, and adding a Plug&Charge feature that makes the act of charging much easier. In recent months, Electrify America has also debuted a new charger naming scheme to make them easier to distinguish between each other, and announced a new deal with TravelCenters of America Inc. that will result in around 1,000 new individual DC fast chargers being added at 200 locations across the U.S. over the next five years. For these efforts and more, Electrify America has now has been named to the annual “Brands That Matter” list by Fast Company.

Fast Company cited that need for charging infrastructure growth in its analysis, as well as the challenges facing such an expansion, but also noted that Electrify America is helping to rectify this issue. Currently, the Ford EV charging partner operates the largest open DC fast charging network in the U.S. with over 840 charging stations and 3,700 individual chargers.

“Electrify America wants to live up to its name and change that – and the past year has been a big one,” Fast Company said. “The brand has expanded to 47 states (yes, even Hawaii) and the District of Columbia, opening an average of three charging stations a week while getting 15 automakers to sign on to charging agreements. As it builds the infrastructure for an EV future, it’s making sure that rural areas are included and investing in STEM education and workforce-development organizations. And though it currently offsets the power used by its chargers with credits, this past spring Electrify America broke ground on Solar Glow 1, a solar energy plant that will help create new energy to offset that used by its chargers.”

“Electrify America is honored to be recognized by Fast Company.  Our mission is to help move our transportation system to an electrified future,” said Robert Barrosa, president and CEO of Electrify America. “We are committed to offering a coast-to-coast charging network that meets customer demand for accessible and hyper-fast EV charging.”

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  1. Bill

    Reliability concerns continue. Usually one or more stations are non-functional per site. Are all four hardware charger vendors problematic? Seems as if all four hardware vendors are replacing their chargemployees who fix such stations despite only being a few years old. Appears to be a huge need for

  2. Gary Hedman

    Don’t see how they managed that they are the worst. Can EA install more than 4 chargers at one location 1 will be down and 1 or 2 won’t charge no higher than 50Kw. We have a location at the other end of town that has 7 chargers 1 or 2 will be down the rest are charging at 50Kw and been that way for months

  3. John

    Great. Keep expanding and putting in EVSE that doesnt work. EA is the worst

  4. Richard

    There are 22 EA chargers between Dallas and Houston a distance of 226 miles. I have traveled this route in a Lightning and never encountered a problem.


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