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Ford EVs Soon Be Easier To Charge At Public Stations

Ford’s Charge Assist feature launched back in April for the European market, and only for Ford Pro customers. However, this useful feature – which helps owners locate charging stations more easily – has since received one big update and began rolling out in the U.S. as well. As Ford Authority reported late last month, Ford Mustang Mach-E owners recently began receiving this new feature as part of an over-the-air update, and is also being joined by the Ford F-150 Lightning, which just gained Apple Maps EV Routing as well. Now, Ford has outlined how Charge Assist aims to make it easier for owners looking to utilize public charging stations.

Ford Charge Assist Public Charging F-150 Lightning - Interior 001

Charge Assist – which will soon be known as Public Charging – helps EV owners search for chargers in the BlueOval Charge Network via the vehicle’s infotainment screen, and then navigate to those locations to juice up. Owners can also use the FordPass app on their phone to complete this process as well, including paying for that charge, making it quite convenient – particularly for those that want to lend their EV to someone else.

Owners will be able to filter through available charging stations by both speed and the network they utilize, while Public Charing also provides a more seamless way to receive real-time information on new chargers, such as availability and those that are currently undergoing repairs, all from inside the vehicle.

Ford Charge Assist Public Charging 001

Completing this process is pretty easy, as navigating to a public charger only requires the user to hit the home button, tap Charge Assist, adjust the filters if so desired, click the distance button, and then hit “I’m Here Now” to start a charging session. To do that, users can hit the home button, followed by Charge Assist, then match the charging stall name to the one they’re parked at, click “Activate,” and plug in the charger once the prompt changes.

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  1. Nate

    So you use one app on your screen in the car, then another unrelated app on your phone to pay?
    I’m glad you told me that’s convenient, because it sounds annoying.

  2. Fred

    Any news on when Ford and Lincoln will be sending out NAC charging adapters to owners so that their EVs and PHEVs can use Tesla Charging stations? Will they be $charging owners for these adapters?


    Hey Fred. It has been stated here several times since May that the NACS charging adapters should start becoming available to Ford BEV owners and new customers early in 2024. I do not recall reading anything about NACS adapters being available to Ford PHEV owners though. Also I have yet to read what the cost of the NACS adapter will be.

  4. Mugen

    Doesn’t matter! This is still not a real truck! It’s still an overpriced n overrated battery powered gimmick! While you’re worrying about charging your battery powered gimmick I’ll be up in the mountains in my gasoline powered truck not wasting time fretting about my battery! 4.5 billion in lost sales n revenues in profit says it all! Comrade Farley should be axed n executed immediately! This clown is the ultimate failure alongside Bill Ford for hiring this Globalist Libtard! I’ll definitely never buy another Ford again!


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