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Ford Expedition And Lincoln Navigator Hybrids Are On The Way

Rumors that The Blue Oval was planning on offering hybrid versions of both the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator have swirled for years to this point, and yet, neither of those large SUVs has launched with an electrified powertrain option as of yet. Most expected this debut when the Expedition and Navigator were refreshed for the 2022 model year, but that ultimately didn’t happen, either. As Ford Authority reported back in April 2022, the Navigator – specifically – didn’t get a hybrid as part of its refresh because customers were apparently pleased with the existing twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 EcoBoost. However, the release of details pertaining to the United Auto Workers (UAW) tentative contract with FoMoCo seems to confirm that the long-awaited hybrid versions of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator may finally be coming soon.

Ford United Auto Workers UAW New Contract Product Investments

As part of its planned $8.1 billion dollar investment in current and future products stemming from this tentative agreement with the union, $750 million is slated for the Kentucky Truck Plant, which builds the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, and Ford Super Duty. Most notable, however, is the fact that this document states that production of all three of these models will continue, coupled with “HEV” – or hybrid electric vehicle – variants of the Navigator and Expedition.

It’s unclear what this hybrid powertrain might be, but it would make perfect sense if The Blue Oval decided to go with its existing twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 PowerBoost that originally launched in the 2021 Ford F-150. After all, both SUVs share a platform with the pickup, and since its launch, the PowerBoost has become an incredibly popular option among shoppers – to the point where Ford is significantly ramping up production of that engine and making it a no-cost option on the refreshed 2024 F-150.

Hybrid versions of the Expedition and Navigator are seemingly likely to debut alongside the forthcoming 2025 model year updates planned for both models, which include revised, Range Rover-like exterior styling and new taillights for the Expedition, along with Nautilus-like cues for the Navigator, plus revised interior designs and even a coast-to-coast display screen for the big Lincoln SUV.

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  1. HasPic

    Looks like Aviator and Lightning have an end date, along with Escape/Corsair, but we knew that. Also, Transit EV will be replaced by an “all new EV van” to be built in Ohio, something like Brightdrop?

    1. c

      Doubtful on the Aviator. Cancelling one of their best vehicles ever a year after a refresh makes zero financial sense. Also, the midsize and full size market seems to be Lincoln’s entire product focus. Dropping a mid-size offering would be shooting themselves in the foot.

  2. John

    If they could achieve a 23-25MPG rating and have it be a no-cost option like the F150 then they’re going to have a tough time making enough of these because they will sell out quickly.

    Especially if they also offer it with an optional pro-power onboard 2.4kw or better yet, 7.2kw like on the F150 Powerboost.. Now that would be the absolute ultimate family/camping SUV.

  3. John C

    FINALLY!! We don’t need a Ford version of the R1S!

  4. Sea Pea

    Aviator GT is an amazing vehicle; but Ford seems to have no clue as to what the target market is. Sad. Such a cluster. HINT: The thing that sold tons of Marquis’ & Lincolns in the 1970’s is STILL in high demand–and nobody offers it; except Aviator. But Lincoln never promotes it & sales people have no clue. So customers don’t know it’s available. They buy other brands–and gripe that nobody offers what they want (because Aviator Dealers never mention it).

  5. Dean Smith

    Hybrids make so much more sense than EV’S.

  6. Clarence

    Ford, when will you have that PowerStroke Diesel to the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator that can compete with the GM boys and their Duramax!

  7. robh

    I wonder if some of these things might be subject to change. Lately, there has been a lot of news that the public is not really enamored with EV’s and are discovering some of the significant drawback to them to include super expensive repairs if they are involved in even a minor accident. I’ve read where some insurance companies don’t even want to insure a tesla in some markets for this reason. then the damage to the planet from strip mining the earth to get the materials for the batteries… then the other day, i saw a poll where most current EV owners are opting to go back to ICE vehicles next time they buy. If i were Ford and other car makers, I would delay mass introduction of EV’s until they can address these issues. If you have a lot of consumers who buy them and have bad experiences, they will feel “burned” and be vocal opponents to EV’s and possibly hybrids afterwards. Improve the battery performance and have eco friendly disposal of those batteries, and make those cars economical to service.


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