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Ford F-150 Lightning Lineup Getting Hefty Discounts

The Ford F-150 Lightning debuted to much fanfare and tremendous demand a mere couple of years ago, but things have certainly changed since then. As Ford has worked overtime to ramp up production of its EV pickup and early adopters got their Lightnings, inventory began to increase, and now, it’s not uncommon to find those particular models sitting on dealer lots. While this phenomenon has garnered plenty of media attention, this is precisely what The Blue Oval expected to happen, and on the flip side, it has led to some enticing discounts for both new and existing Ford F-150 Lightning inventory, along with substantial price cuts. Now, those in the market can take advantage of yet another hefty deal, according to Cars Direct.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

The latest Ford F-150 Lightning discounts vary based on trim, as well as whether customers opt to lease or purchase their new vehicle. For the range-topping Platinum, customers can choose between $7,500 in Retail Customer Cash or $7,500 in Red Carpet Lease Customer Cash. Meanwhile, the Lariat has a $7,500 Retail Customer Cash offer but a lesser $5,000 for Red Carpet Lease Customer Cash. The XLT gets $1,500 off no matter which way one goes, while the entry-level Pro has been left out of this round of discounts.

Notably, this is the biggest discount ever applied to the Ford F-150 Lightning, and for customers that qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit, it makes the EV pickup a truly enticing deal. The Platinum isn’t eligible for that credit given its higher MSRP that exceeds the cap of $80,000, however.

However, the Lariat is eligible for the tax credit, meaning that customers could potentially get up to $15,000 off that model’s sticker price. With an MSRP of $69,999, that means one could theoretically purchase a new F-150 Lightning Lariat for as little as $54,999, in fact, not including destination and delivery.

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  1. whypac

    The discounts are not going to change anything. Mass market EV is not sustainable. Repeating all the reasons why would be beating a dead horse.

  2. Mf

    There is a price point where I would buy an EV pickup truck. They’re not there yet, but getting closer. The extended range trucks need to be cheaper than an ICE equivalent.

    They need to drop the MSRP for platinum so it falls under the tax credit threshold, and probably lariat as a result.

    The biggest issue with lightning is that garbage vertical screen. If they gave it the screen from the 2021+ f150, i would be much closer to buying one. While it would be garbage for truck stuff like towing, it could handle my home Depot runs and things like that, and we would likely do our longer distance towing with our Expedition anyways, needing the extra space for the kids and stuff. The standard range battery should be dropped, 220ish miles simply isnt enough range.

  3. Samuel

    Doesn’t matter. Majority of Americans simply don’t care for EVs, most car news articles are stating the same. The Nationwide grassroots boycott is working, keep it up folks. #BudLightEVs


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