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Ford Flex Designer Does Not Like The Tesla Cybertruck

Though it has racked up over a million reservations to date – despite being delayed multiple times over the course of several years – the Tesla Cybertruck remains perhaps the most polarizing vehicle on the planet to this day, largely because of its exterior styling, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The Cybertruck has its fair share of fans and critics – the latter group including Ford CEO Jim Farley – but Tesla remains unbothered, even humorously wrapping a prototype to make it look like a Ford F-150. As it turns out, another, former Blue Oval employee isn’t a huge fan of the way the Tesla Cybertruck looks either, according to Business Insider.

“I haven’t seen the thing in person yet, but do I really want this threatening-looking thing driving down my street? In my neighborhood? Not really,” said Paul Snyder, who in his time at Ford, helped design the Flex, Ranger, Five Hundred, Taurus and Taurus X, Sable, and Explorer. Now Snyder serves as the chair of the transportation design department at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies

“It’s not something I would do or buy,” he added. “The aesthetic messaging there is it’s kind of a big f*** you to everybody. And I think that’s the point that they’re trying to make, especially to Detroit pickup trucks and everybody who would buy one.”

Aside from its design, it’s unclear just how much the Cybertruck will cost when it arrives, as Tesla removed that bit of information from its site some time ago after the EV pickup was originally slated to launch with a base MSRP of $39,900. The truck’s chief competitor – the Ford F-150 Lightning – received multiple price increases after launching with a similarly low base price, but has since received a rather large cut.

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    The Cybertruck is a hideous looking piece of garbage that’s gonna sell because it’s a Tesla. If Ford designed something like that they would been heavily criticized. Elon made it so it will get critical acclaim!

  2. Shawnski

    Designed on a napkin. Childish and completely “designed” without regard to practical use. It’s taken years to decline because of its un-practicability.

    1. Alfred

      How would you know? You wasn’t there. I don’t even like the CT either but making a stupid and uninformed comment like that is just ridiculous. As if you know exactly what the thought process was. Try and be more constructive in your criticism why don’t you.

      1. ViperACR


  3. StarLord

    Well we are even because I think the Flex is the ugliest design since the Pontiac Aztec.

    1. RichG

      Even? So you’re agreeing the Cybertruck is grossly ugly? Or you’re just upset because someone criticized the Tesla?

      And dude, you can have your opinion about the Flex (including not liking it), but it is not ugly.

      1. Alfred

        “but it is not ugly”. Well, that’s your opinion now is it? I also think its ugly. But as a fan of both companies I’m not registered on the Tesla forums to express my opinion about the Flexs ugliness.

  4. Nauticalone

    This Tesla truck is hideous! Looks like it’s designed by a 3 year old with crayons.

  5. RichG

    This Cybertruck is gross.

    It will sell…at first. After that initial wave, the other 98% of truck buys who think it’s horrific will say “No thanks.” It’s like a trainwreck — I read all the articles about it and look at all the photos, but there’s no way I’d every buy one.

  6. Steve Cafferty

    Anyone that feels “threatened” by this monstrosity is just another milktoast that goes thru life afraid of their own shadow. Tesla will sell every cybertruck that they might someday build. Proof positive that the favorite saying of the auto industry execs is very true- There’s an azz for every seat. Of course, as with the original Hummer, once the hoopla quiets down and owners realize what they actually got themselves into, the market for them will fall flat on its face and the cybertruck will slip into obscurity and will someday resurface as toasters from china.

  7. William J. Offutt Jr.

    I have a 2016 Ford FLEX SEL which I consider the best design ever conceived by Ford designers. It is the best design for carrying passengers , and cargo ! As for the Tesla truck , it looks like a Moon vehicle, not for the Earth !

    1. Alfred

      And Tesla did not build it for the purposes you stated about the Flex. So you are dismayed that they didn’t?

  8. Bob

    Y’all sound a bit insecure and scared of the Cybertruck. Correction” over TWO million reservations.

    1. Alfred


  9. Mike K

    Reservation doesn’t mean sold! I’ll keep my 2017 F-350 diesel dulley thank you!

    1. Ford Fan

      No surprise from somebody that can’t even spell their dually correctly. Have fun with that smelly slow-poke.

    2. Alfred

      Nobody is taking it from you. Nor is anybody trying to force you to get rid of it.

  10. Pat

    The Cybertruck looks like it was banged out by unskilled drunk sheet metal worker on a Saturday afternoon.
    No offence intended to sheet metal workers.

  11. Alfred

    When will you guys get it through you thickened skulls, the CT was not meant to do or compete with the big three trucks? You obviously missed that part. Its not for you.

  12. 1970Mav

    Sounds like Paul Snyder may be a little jealous considering the cars that he designed, the Flex, Ranger, Five Hundred, Taurus and Taurus X, Sable, and Explorer. These were not exactly cutting edge in their designs so it absurd to compare the CT to any of these. Keep in mind also that Ford has been “designing” and building vehicles over 100 years and Musk, about 20 years.
    I don’t think Snyder understands the difference between creative design and boring daily drivers. Just look at what happened the the Mustang that now looks like a Camaro.

  13. Rob M

    The cyber truck is not for me ether
    Ford needs to step up there lack luster designs
    Ford ether has a problem with elderly design staff or just doesn’t put any effort into designing a sharp looking vehicle.

  14. JD

    The Tesla truck will be the most ridiculous thing ever massed produced for the road. It makes the Aztek look like a bikini model. That being said, just because something is hideous doesn’t mean you can’t like it. 2 million reservations and 6 bucks will get you a coffee at Starbucks though. Ask Ford how their 100,000 plus Lightning reservations worked out. (poorly is the answer)

  15. philip tilley

    I agree with William J. Offutt Jr., I do not like these jumped up hatch back’s on steroids, they are ugly and charging people the earth to own on, who’s the mugs know.


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