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Ford Fusion Driver Instantly Nailed After Collision: Video

Though most of us responsible citizens are happy to stop and call law enforcement in the event that we’re involved in an accident or saw one occur – even if it was our fault – that certainly isn’t universally the case. Rather, the good old fashioned hit and run remains a popular way to try and escape responsibility for an accident for various reasons. Sometimes, the person that runs has a criminal record, is intoxicated, or perhaps has something illegal on their person, or perhaps they just don’t have the time to spare. We’ve seen this happen time and time again in a day and age when everything is caught on camera, and it happened again recently when a Ford Fusion driver caught instant karma when trying to flee after an accident.

Attempted hit and run [OC]
byu/SGMC27 inIdiotsInCars

In this video recently posted over at Reddit, we get to watch this wild – and somewhat humorous – scene unfold courtesy of dash cam footage taken by a vehicle that’s sitting at a stoplight. That vehicle gets a green light and proceeds to move forward, which is also the case with oncoming traffic. However, we soon see the driver of the Ford Fusion race into the intersection, seemingly trying to beat the light, when things go horribly wrong.

Ford Fusion Hit And Run - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

The Ford Fusion is quickly struck by oncoming traffic and proceeds to perform a pretty impressive drift into the direction that it’s seemingly trying to go, though at this point, its rear bumper is hanging on by a tread following the crash. However, rather than stop, the driver takes off, clearly hoping to get away. Problem is, there’s a police officer sitting right in their path that saw the whole thing, and proceeds to pull them over – providing them with a little bit of instant karma that we rarely see in this world today.

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