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Ford Lays Off 330 Workers Due To Chicago Walkout

At the onset of the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis last month, the union took action at one plant operated by each automaker, but soon expanded that to include other facilities as talks remain at somewhat of a stalemate. While Ford escaped the second round of walk-outs, late last week, the UAW expanded its strike action against The Blue Oval to include the Chicago Assembly plant. Now, much the same way the automaker laid off 600 workers at the Michigan Assembly plant after the onset of the strike there, Ford has also announced that it will lay off 330 workers at a couple of facilities that support the Chicago Assembly plant as well, according to Automotive News.

At MAP, Ford laid off workers in the body construction portion of the plant, as well as the south sub-assembly area of the integrated stamping operation, which were directly impacted by the strike, according to the automaker. That’s also the case in Chicago, where the automaker is laying off workers at its stamping plant there, as well as the Lima Engine plant in Ohio, as both supply parts to the Chicago Assembly plant. The ripple effects from the strike also recently prompted Ford Bronco seat supplier LM Manufacturing to lay off 650 workers as well.

In the meantime, the two sides don’t seem to be terribly close to reaching a new deal after what seemed like a promising development in talks just a couple of weeks ago when Ford’s latest offer was praised by the UAW.

Last week, Ford CEO Jim Farley claimed that the union is holding up negotiations on purpose and negotiating in bad faith – comments that were recently echoed by GM CEO Mary Barra – blaming the holdup in wage negotiations for the company’s decision to halt construction at its BlueOval Battery Park Michigan site. However, UAW President Shawn Fain denied those allegations, claiming that “Farley is lying about the state of negotiations,” and noting that Ford hadn’t yet responded to its most recent contract proposal.

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  1. Bob

    Fain is an IDIOT!
    People who voted for Fain are brain dead.

    1. Chuck

      Are you UAW Bob?

  2. Errol Dickson

    Build what you can, then lock the doors and declare bankruptcy! No company in the world can afford a 40 % salary increase and a four day work week of only 32 hours. GM, Ford and Stellantis have offered you a very generous 20% increase in these tough economic times as the auto industry is trying to convert from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! 20% is a great offer, take it and be content! You have left your work station and you have abandoned your company so please allow needy , hardworking and conscientious Americans who are unemployed a chance to work to the best of their ability,in your place!

    1. Matthew Catlow

      You’re dead wrong. This isn’t just about one company. This isn’t just about one country. This is for our future.

  3. Johnny

    To hell with all unions they gonna be the downfall of this country let starve they will be glad to work for half what they make ford is gonna move their operations to Mexico and you can blame the uaw for it the big outfits have allways made a profit I think that what being in business means dumb asses don’t worry about what another man makes worry about your own stupid ass to hell with unions


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