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Ford Lays Off Additional 400 Workers Amid Ongoing Strike

The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis began last month, with the union walking out of a total of three plants – one operated by each automaker. Since then, with talks seemingly making little progress, the UAW has expanded that strike to include additional facilities. For Ford, that list currently includes the Michigan Assembly plant and Chicago Assembly plant, which has prompted the automaker to lay off nearly 1,000 workers as a direct result of that action. Now, Ford has laid off an additional 400 workers at other plants as ripple effects from the strike continue, according to Automotive News.

This latest round of layoffs consists of 350 workers at the Livonia Transmission plant and 50 employees at the Sterling Axle plant, all of whom were told to not report to work starting today. That brings the total number of layoffs for the Blue Oval to 1,330 that stem from the UAW strike, which began back on September 15th. Both of these facilities supply parts to the Chicago Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.

In the meantime, negotiations between the UAW and the Detroit Big Three automakers remain a bit heated, with Ford CEO Jim Farley and GM CEO Mary Barra both accusing the union of negotiating in “bad faith” by purposely delaying talks, as well as holding up progress at under-construction EV battery plants by doing precisely that. UAW President Shawn Fain has denied these allegations, and said that Farley was “lying about the state of negotiations.”

Meanwhile, Ford continues to pay heath care benefits for striking workers – even though it isn’t contractually obligated to do so – and submitted its seventh contract proposal to the union this week, which includes a 20 percent increase for permanent employees and a 26 percent jump for temps, along with traditional cost-of-living increases, the end of pay tiers, and a reduction in the amount of time it takes to reach the top wage and for temp hires to become permanent. Additionally, Ford has promised that no worker will lose their job due to the construction of a battery plant during the length of this contract.

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  1. Al

    Ford has raised prices on its vehicles on multiple occasions recently before the strike began. Now it’s offering 20% pay increase to permanent employees and 26% to temps. If Ford couldn’t make a profit before, how will they after the pay raises go into effect? At what point is it unsustainable and Ford is priced out of the market for good? These questions are rhetorical. We already know the answers.

    Case in point, I purchased two new Fords (one is a Lincoln) in the past 18 months. I’m a Ford brand loyalist and put up with a lot of sloppy build quality and issues. If prices continue to go up without better quality, Ford loses my business. So, figure it out Ford and UAW. You are both to blame and clearly, the last thing on your mind is your customer. We will not be there for you forever!

  2. Steve

    I come from a family that has been Union strong for a long tome. My dad is part of the IBEW. It’s a sad day when my father admits that these unions are making things worse. I’m all on board to breaking the unions. The union leaders are taking advantage of these large companies. Let me ask all of you one thing. When was the last time any of us would walk out of a 20% raise? When was the last time we were offered an increase like that? NEVER. Why? Because at the end of the day, we consumers ultimately pay the price by paying more for the same product. This increase hurts all of us. Unions don’t care about anyone but themselves. Okay you union workers fire away and tell how wrong and misguided I am, but keep in mind, I grew up in a union family.


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