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Ford Maverick Hybrid Among CR’s Top Picks Under $35K

Since its launch, Consumer Reports has lavished loads of praise on the Ford Maverick, naming the hybrid one of its most satisfying vehicles – landing it in the top 10 most satisfying of all models, in fact – giving it recommended status, making it a top 10 pick for 2023, a top 10 recommended “cheap” vehicle, its most satisfying pickup, and among the most fuel efficient vehicles one can buy today. Now, Consumer Reports is once again praising the Ford Maverick Hybrid, in particular, naming it one of the best picks of any vehicle priced under $35k.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid was recognized as the top affordable truck pick thanks to its low asking price, of course, as well as its impressive fuel efficiency. The Ford Maverick Hybrid made the cut by returning 39 miles-per-gallon in the city, 33 on the highway, and 37 mpg combined during its test period, giving it an annual fuel cost of $1,315. The first-ever pickup to come standard with a hybrid powerplant, the Maverick impressed with its fuel-sipping results.

In addition to its thrifty nature, Consumer Reports also recognized the Ford Maverick for its smooth operation, quietness, lack of vibrations at low speeds, secure handling, and refined ride. On top of that, CR also noted that the pickup’s maneuverability, visibility, and access are “commendable,” its bed “practical,” and the controls “super easy” to use.

Previously, the Maverick Hybrid beat all of its competition in CR‘s most satisfying rankings by posting an owner satisfaction score of 80, as those folks praised its excellent fuel economy, quiet and smooth operation, refined ride quality, and secure handling, and well as its commendable access, visibility, and maneuverability. Aside from a usable but small bed, the interior of the Maverick also features easy-to-use controls, while the pickup offers an abundance of safety features including standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, along with optional blind-spot warning and rear cross traffic alert.

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  1. Mike K

    Good luck getting one. I ordered one for 23 the first day from a huge dealer in Kansas. Never got built. Ford only built 35% hybrids but got orders for 65%. So I bought a PHEV Santa Fe. Getting over 100 mpg with it. If I need a truck I still have my 2017 F-350 dulley diesel.

  2. Cordo

    Hybrid is a $1500 option for 2024.

  3. Jim z

    I received my Ford Maverick in august. I am averaging 49.6 combined mpg. Very satisfied.

  4. Gary

    I must be one of the lucky ones, i ordered my 2024 maverick eco boost in July when the banks
    opened and i received an e-mail this morning that it has been built and shipped! hopefully the transit time to the dealer will go as smooth!

  5. dick lebsack

    waited 14 months for a 2023 hybred—moved my order to a 2024 model—still waiting….

  6. Duane

    I’ve seen people getting 700 mpg on one tank of gas in these, go over to maverick truck club and look at the 700 club article. I’d wait 14+ months for one if I were looking for mpg. Found a Maverick lariat Tremor on a dealership lot and scooped it up. It’s only getting 25 mpg but I only drive in the city. IMO there Worth the wait times, but can you find them on the lots with 0 markups also just look around, don’t limit yourself to local dealerships.


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