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Ford Off-Road Vehicles Could Share Animal Watching Info

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for systems and methods for off-road connectivity and sharing of time sensitive information, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on April 6th, 2022, published on October 12th, 2023, and assigned serial number 0328315.

Ford Patent Systems And Methods For Off-Road Connectivity

The Ford Authority Take

Over the past several years, Ford has experimented with vehicle-to-everything technology (C-2VX) in places like Europe and China as it aims to vastly expand its connected vehicle services moving forward. This wireless communication technology can “talk” and “listen” to other C-2VX equipped vehicles, people, and the traffic management infrastructure, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. That includes, it seems, the system outlined in this newly-filed patent, which could share animal watching info between off-road vehicles in the same area.

Ford Patent Systems And Methods For Off-Road Connectivity

The concept here is quite simple and yet rather brilliant – when multiple vehicles are off-roading, whether that be as a group or just in the same vicinity, if one detects wildlife, it could quickly share that information with other vehicles. This would obviously cut down on the time spent searching for animals out in the wild, and could also provide others that aren’t in the area with locations where they’re most likely to encounter wildlife.

Ford Patent Systems And Methods For Off-Road Connectivity

While this type of feature may not have mass appeal, it does seem like a nifty tool for those that do like to travel off the beaten path and look for animals, whether they be birds, bears, or even a lion or tiger. Plus, given Ford’s commitment to C-2VX technology, it seemingly wouldn’t be difficult to implement, either.

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    Would be even better for on road wildlife and general road hazard alerts


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