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Ford Raptor Assault Partners With Race-Keeper For HD Video

The Ford Raptor Assault off-road racing school originally debuted way back in early 2017, carrying on the automaker’s tradition of offering unique experiences for owners of its high-performance vehicles. However, Ford Raptor Assault is still going strong, giving owners the chance to learn how to drive their vehicles in a spirited manner off the pavement in a controlled environment. Now, that same school has teamed up with a company called Race-Keeper to outfit its Ford F-150 Raptor pickups with high-definition cameras to better capture the action for participants.

Race-Keeper produces all sorts of video and data loggers designed specifically for motorsports applications, ranging from cars rocketing around a circuit to race boats and pretty much everything in between. Its latest deal will see the company’s high-definition cameras capturing footage for Ford Raptor Assault participants, so that they can hang on to it as a keepsake – as well as show off their experience to family and friends.

Race-Keeper Road Keeper HD Camera Video Data Logger

Of course, such an idea is nothing new, even within the walls of FoMoCo. The automaker recently launched the long-awaited Bronco Trail App, which gives owners of that rugged SUV the ability to access curated trail maps and capture video with overlays. Additionally, Ford recently launched its new Pickup Cam as part of a joint-venture called Canopy, which is designed to monitor equipment onboard vehicles and alert owners and/or authorities if someone tries to steal it.

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