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Ford Rival GM Also Says UAW Acting In Bad Faith

Not terribly long after the United Auto Workers (UAW) began its strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, things were seemingly looking up when the union praised The Blue Oval for its generous contract offer, which prompted it to spare that automaker from a walkout at an additional facility – at least for a week. That changed last week when talks between the UAW and Ford once again got ugly, with CEO Jim Farley claiming that the union is holding up negotiations over its future EV battery and assembly plants, allegations that UAW President Shawn Fain called a lie after expanding the union’s strike to include the Chicago Assembly plant. However, Farley isn’t the only one accusing the UAW of acting in bad faith, as General Motors CEO Mary Barra isn’t pleased with the way talks are progressing either, according to GM Authority.

“As we saw this week, UAW leadership continues to expand the strike while upping the rhetoric and the theatrics,” Barra wrote in a statement. “It’s clear that there is no real intent to get to an agreement. Since negotiations started this summer, we’ve been available to bargain 24/7 on behalf of our represented team members and our company. They’ve demanded a record contract – and that’s exactly what we’ve offered for weeks now: a historic contract with record wage increases, record job security, and world-class healthcare. It’s an offer that rewards our team members but does not put our company and their jobs at risk. Jeopardizing our future is something I will not do.”

“Serious bargaining happens at the table, not in public, with two parties who are willing to roll up their sleeves to get a deal done,” Barra added. “The UAW is pitting the companies against one another, but it’s a strategy that ultimately only helps the non-union competition.” Barra added additional scathing accusations, noting that the union wants to “drag their membership into a long, unnecessary strike to further their own personal and political agendas,” and accused Fain of wanting “to make history for himself.”

On The Blue Oval side of this equation, Fain has accused Ford of wanting to slash 40 percent its workforce amid the EV transition, and notes that the two sides remain far apart on the topics of job security and retirement benefits. Farley, on the other hand, denies these claims and noted that “a bad deal would threaten midsize or expensive larger vehicles like Escape and Explorer,” adding “we’d have to choose to cut future investments in those products, restructure and reduce our headcount throughout the company, including UAW workers.”

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  1. Bob

    Mary NAILS Fain 100%!!
    It’s all about him trying to be the King of the “working people’. Grand stander wannabe.
    He will go down in flames.

  2. Car Guy

    Remember they are working for “below poverty level wages” says Fain. The $500 a week is a good increase in pay so why would the workers want to ever end the strike?

    Ford said if you are a Highschool Grad and work for the company for 4 years you will be making over 100K per year. So, someone is not telling the truth wonder which one it is.

    I put my money on Ford telling the truth with all the new Broncos in the caravan. I find it hard to believe if you are working for below poverty level wages you can afford a new Bronco.

    I think it will get real when those payments come due.

  3. markwho

    I ordered a Maverick in Sept 22 still waiting. I ordered a Corvette in Nov 21 and received in May22. Can get a Corvette quicker than a Maverick!! WTF

  4. No Union

    Fain is insane. So are the people who voted for him and are following him off the cliff. I hope the big 3 have a big set and don’t bow down to these thugs. THEY WILL NEVER BE HAPPY!! And the quality of Ford/GM/Stellantis will only get worse.

    1. Bob

      Goonion Sheeple are all wannabe thugs.
      They need each other to gain confidence, hence singing kumbaya on the picket lines.
      Seems like Ford was kissing butt for a bit, guess the butt turned the other cheek.

  5. Debbie

    Enough is enough UAW got great offers they need to tell Fain we’re taking it and get back to work. Strike both party loses. The long their on strike workers losing money and their raises won’t make up for it this year.

  6. Tracey

    Apparently from the few comments I see, you all don’t work for Ford. I do and after almost 9 yrs. I am nowhere close to $100,000. If you don’t know, don’t talk crap!


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