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Ford Transit Custom Review Roundup: A Compelling Redesign

Back in May 2022, the all-new Ford E-Transit Custom debuted in Europe as the latest addition to that region’s all-electric van lineup, though that particular model was also joined by other variants – including diesel-powered options. a plug-in hybrid model, the more luxurious E-Tourneo Custom, and the camping-focused Nugget. The Ford Transit Custom remains a strong seller in Europe, and just this week, the all-new, next-generation version of that same model officially launched in that part of the world, which means that we’re starting to see reviews surface – and thus far, they’re mostly glowing.

Next-Generation Ford Transit Custom Launch Europe - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

Neil Briscoe of The Sunday Times notes that the new Ford Transit Custom is a remarkably flexible vehicle, even more so than the outgoing model.

“Ford has clearly been doing some deep thinking, as well as listening to its vast customer base when it comes to how the Transit works as a day-to-day work vehicle,” he said, pointing to the van’s additional cargo space and flat floored cabin. In terms of the driving experience, Briscoe said that “the engine is distinctly diesel, but even at a cold idle its noise levels are far from excessive. Ford claims that the Transit’s chassis is some 100kg lighter and 30 percent stiffer than before, and you can feel that from the first turn of the wheel. Compared to the outgoing Transit Custom, it feels instantly less baggy and more car-like, helped enormously by new independent rear suspension.”

Ford E-Transit Custom Folding Steering Wheel - Interior 001

“Will the new Transit Custom retain its Britain’s best seller slot?” he wondered aloud. “There’s no reason why not, and plenty of reasons to think that it might – even though the cost of the basic model has gone up by around £4,000 (arguably compensated for by the extra in-cab tech, and the standard safety equipment). It’s considerably slicker to drive than before, and the cabin looks and feels like it’s better made, and it’s certainly better equipped thanks to its digital-first nature. While the electric and hybrid versions remain unknown quantities for the moment, Ford certainly looks on target to retain its position at the top.”

George Barrow of Autocar feels largely the same, praising the new van’s exterior styling, as well as its capability and driving experience.

“Its carrying-capacity practicality is still its greatest strength,” he said. “With load volumes from 5.8m3 to 6.8m3, maximum payloads of up to 1350kg, a 2.8-ton towing capacity and the option of four-wheel-drive, the Custom has improved its fundamentals as well as adding to it with new features.”

“Designers and engineers often struggle to improve the box-on-wheels blueprint of a van, but Ford has added a slew of welcome innovations to the Custom here. It’s likely to lose its best-seller status to a car this year, but it will surely be Britain’s best-selling van for many more years to come.”

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