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Ford Weighs V8 Supercars Exit After Concerns Rejected

As is the case with every motorsports series, Australia’s V8 Supercars has been struggling with ways to improve parity among teams, which is something that Ford has pushed for. This season, Chevrolet has dominated the series, which prompted a series of changes involving aerodynamic packages and revised engines, all with the intention of leveling the proverbial playing field. Regardless, Ford’s Supercars team remains frustrated with the lack of transparency and sense of urgency in terms of improving parity, with Ford Performance head Mark Rushbrook even hinting that the automaker could exit Supercars altogether as a result. Now, that possibility seems even more real following a decision by Supercars organizers, according to Drive.

Despite the fact that the Chevy Camaro has thus far won 21 out of 23 races in the current Supercars season, organizers have refused to allow additional technical changes that could level the playing field ahead of the iconic Bathurst 1000 race. According to this report, those changes were related to making modifications to the rear wing on the Ford Mustang racers that would have improved downforce in high-speed turns. Because of this, The Blue Oval is reportedly “seriously considering” its options beyond the 2024 Supercars season, and the automaker issued a statement on the matter as well, which is included here in its entirety.

“At Ford Motor Company, we are deeply committed to supporting our teams and drivers in their pursuit of excellence on the track,” the statement reads. “We understand that motorsport is not only a reflection of our brand and our products, but also an important platform for showcasing the talent and dedication of our racing partners. We are therefore deeply disappointed by the ongoing lack of technical parity in the Supercars Championship, which has left Ford and its teams at a significant disadvantage throughout the 2023 season.”

“This lack of technical parity has had a tangible impact on the performance of our teams and drivers. Despite their skill, experience, and hard work, they have struggled to compete with other cars that have a clear advantage. This has not only been frustrating for our racing partners, but also for our loyal fans and supporters who expect to see Ford on the podium and in contention for championships. Despite the best efforts of Ford, Homologation Team Dick Johnson Racing (DJR) and engine supplier Herrod Performance Engines to work with all stakeholders to ensure a level playing field, a lack of movement by the series organizer has restricted our ability to compete on an equal footing.”

“Ford has long been requesting data transparency to assist in understanding the disparity that exists between the two cars. Unfortunately, this has been rejected on multiple occasions. The latest parity review was initiated when Supercars computational fluid dynamics (CFD) partner D2H Group provided aerodynamic data of both cars to the homologation teams on August 24. This data clearly demonstrated that aerodynamic parity had not been achieved. Since that time, Ford and DJR have engaged with Supercars in good faith to create an aerodynamic update package that would bring the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro Gen3 Supercars closer to aerodynamic parity.”

“Unfortunately, on the eve of the Bathurst 1000, the Supercars Board has refused to allow the changes which would bring the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro closer to technical parity. We want to be clear that this is not a reflection of the quality of our cars or our racing programs. We are confident in the strength and capabilities of our vehicles and our teams. We know that they have the talent and determination to succeed in any competitive environment, as evidenced by their incredible histories in this sport. Our top priority is to help our teams to deliver the best possible racing experience for our fans and supporters. We appreciate their loyalty and urge Supercars to create the level playing field they deserve.”

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  1. Blue Oval Ralph

    Ford can’t compete here next will be NASCAR and if they can’t compete here what makes Farley think Ford will be competitive in F1? Just his and Rushbrook’s WET DREAM!

    1. Mark

      They’ve been average at best in NASCAR this year as well.

  2. Mike

    Nascar took away downforce from Ford right before the first race of the season. That’s been Fords biggest problem on the majority of the tracks. It’s not an issue on the super speedways or short tracks, where Ford has been able to win, but the 1.5 and 2 mile tracks have been rough. The lack of downforce kills the tires so after a few laps, they have no shot at keeping up with the chevys and Toyotas. If there’s a restart with fresh tires and 10 laps left, they have a chance. Gm and Toyota have a lot more to spend tho so it’s not a surprise.

  3. Leon

    I for one would be very sorry if Ford exited. V8 Supercars have been by a large margin some of the best racing for a while now.

  4. Albert Paul Rodrigues

    Ford should field a team of “competition equalizers” to crash out the cars with the most unfair advantage. That will adjust the parity.

  5. Mf

    The problem with modern racing is the limits they put on everything. In an attempt to promote parity, they regulate it all, and whoever signs the biggest check gets the favorable treatment.

    What they need is actual stock car racing again. Take a showroom stock car that can be ordered by ANYONE without any sort of limited numbers or you need a connection, have a weight allotment for safety equipment, and let them race. Driver aids and aero and all.

    This would probably.ote the automakers to build cars for racing, not just slap them body work on a race car.

  6. wj

    Rick Hendrick and Chevy own Nascar bascially…when you look at big picture….its like Globetrotter Play Book…they let Ford and Toyota win a few…but they win the most….Hendrick gets fined…at times….but always seem to get.,it appealed and most point given back…Kevin Harvick this past weed was diqualified for windshield bracket violation…if that was a Hendrick car….and probably they were doing same thing…nothing said or done….wish Ford and Toyota would pull out of Nascar….


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