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Lexie Alford Completes European Leg Of Ford Explorer EV Trip

The European Ford Explorer EV debuted back in March as the first of two new crossovers underpinned by Volkswagen’s MEB platform, and at the time, was expected to launch in early 2024, but was later pushed back as The Blue Oval awaits the arrival of VW’s next-gen battery tech. Regardless, that isn’t stopping travel adventure influencer Lexie Alford – otherwise known as Lexie Limitless – from driving the new EV across the globe on a historic trip, which began last month. Now, Alford has officially completed the European leg of this long journey.


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Alford’s trip began in Nice, France roughly one month ago, one that will see her attempt to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an electric vehicle. Things are going well thus far, as she managed to cross 10 European countries over the past few weeks, covering 5,000 kilometers (3,106 miles) and two ferry trips along the way.

Along with some pretty stunning scenery, Alford has also encountered her fair share of challenges, of course, including having to utilize a 9.7 kW lamppost charger to charge the EV in Serbia, which apparently doesn’t have a robust charging infrastructure. After passing through Greece to Athens, Alford hit some bad weather, coupled with steep roads and heavy rain, followed by dense nighttime fog entering Turkey, on top of a six-hour delay at the Georgia border the next day.


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Regardless, this journey continues in the pre-production prototype, which will ultimately see Alford cross a total of 30 countries before it’s all said and done. The reason for this trip centers around the roughly 100 year anniversary of Aloha Wanderwell’s epic and historic journey that saw her become the first woman to drive around the world, crossing through 43 countries across a five-year period in a Model T.

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