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Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring PHEV Will Be Discontinued

Originally expected to receive a mid-cycle refresh for the 2024 model year, the Ford Explorer revamp was recently pushed back to 2025, as Ford Authority previously reported, which will likely also be the case for its luxurious counterpart, the Lincoln Aviator. However, as Ford Authority reported just yesterday, the 2024 Ford Explorer is experiencing one major update, however – the 3.3L V6 Hybrid powertrain is no longer available, and according to Car & Driver, its PHEV counterpart – the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring – has also been ditched for the new model model year, too.

The Explorer Hybrid and Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring utilize completely different powertrains, as the former is a traditional electrified setup, while the latter utilizes a plug-in hybrid system that pairs the twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 EcoBoost gas engine with an electric battery and motor, offering up to 21 miles of pure electric driving range. Ford will continue to offer the Explorer Hybrid in the form of the law enforcement-focused Police Interceptor Utility – in fact, it cites high demand for that model as the reason for the civilian version’s discontinuation – but it did not provide a specific reason why the Aviator Grand Touring is going away.

Of course, it’s possible that both the Ford Explorer Hybrid and Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring make a comeback as part of the 2025 refresh, perhaps packing a different electrified powertrain. However, for now, it’s unclear if that’s the case, and we already know that the automaker is developing all-electric versions of both crossovers.

In the meantime, Ford Authority has spotted numerous refreshed Aviator models out testing over the past few months, many devoid of any sort of camouflage, revealing the model’s updated exterior styling, as well as some interior revisions – including the disappearance of its physical HVAC button array.

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  1. Michael K

    Frees up batteries for expanding F-150 PowerBoost production, it’s the same pack. They are doubling production for PowerBoost.

  2. santa1

    Does this mean I shouldn’t buy an available ’23 Aviator Hybrid ($94K ). Wife is ready, money not issue. Downsizing after 7 Suburbans = need most cargo area below Tahoe/Expedition + would like new tech (hybrid /) = other choice Grand Highlander, while Palisade top choice but no hybrid/21 mpg….I’m 5’4″ and front hoods on the big SUV’s make a good driving sight line difficult. HELP !

    1. John

      $94k for a basic grocery getter? Yeah, please don’t spend that much on it.

    2. Noah

      If you are interested in PHEV’s I have heard great reviews about the Volvo XC90 & Mercedes GLE. Both offer a lot of luxury, tech, & space.

  3. Ford Owner

    Go for the Explorer Hybrid. I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and I love it.

    1. Mike

      Explorer isn’t a hybrid so you can’t get your neighbors to pay $7300 in tax credits.

  4. Mike K

    I just bought a Santa Fe Limited Hybrid PHEV. Getting 75+ mpg an I’m a Ford guy. Still have my 2017 F-350 diesel dulley!

  5. c

    The damn UAW strikes. First they caused mayhem, then they pushed back the Exploriator refresh. Gawdamnit.

  6. Mike

    My lease is up and was planning too get another Grand Touring. We get around 80 mpg around town with short trips but the hov lane and up front parking at my wife’s work is why we really got it. I won’t buy an all electric one. This sucks but it seems to be par for the course with Ford these days. They keep pushing this ev crap no matter how bad they’re selling so I wouldn’t be surprised if an ev replaces the grand touring in 25. Oh well.

  7. Mf

    The PHEV is the powertrain to get, but the big banks don’t like them because they don’t make as much money off batteries they’re invested in with a PHEV.

  8. Nico

    So the uptake on EV’s is not what was expected by the industry, would it not make sense to have hybrids and plug-in hybrids by the score in all your models? Sure hope you are just upgrading the hybrid and phev for the 2025 model year…whether Aviator or Explorer!


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