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Lincoln Dealers Getting Rewarded For Selling Navigator SUVs

As of late, the Lincoln Navigator continues to lose ground to its chief rival – the Cadillac Escalade – in terms of sales, most recently moving 4,688 units in Q2 2023 versus 7,265 for the Escalade – giving it a market share of 19 percent versus 30 percent for the large, luxurious Caddy SUV. As a result, FoMoCo began offering low-interest financing deals to customers last month in an effort to spur sales, but now, it seems as if Lincoln dealers are set to get rewarded for selling the Navigator in the latest effort to boost numbers, according to a dealer incentive bulletin recently seen by CarsDirect.

Back in March 2022, Ford added what it calls a “fast turn component” to dealer incentives, which pay $250 in dealer cash for vehicles that are sold within 15 days of hitting the lot, $150 for cars sold in 16-30 days, and $100 for vehicles moved in 31-60 days, while anything taking over 60 days to sell results in no bonus. Additionally, the automaker changed its dealer floorpan assistance program so that vehicles that have been on lots for more than 75 days will no longer be eligible for reimbursement. Now, it’s doing something similar for Lincoln dealers, it seems.

Officially called the Navigator National Dealer Stairstep incentive, this new program will pay Lincoln dealers $3,500 for every 2023 or 2024 Navigator sold above that entity’s sales target. Dealers can also score an additional incentive worth $2,500 for hitting 100 percent of its sales objective, or $1,000 per unit for reaching 80 percent of that goal. Though the program runs through October 31st, the it’s also a “retro” one, meaning that dealers can earn $2,500 for every Navigator sold starting on October 3rd.

This could potentially represent a lucrative deal for Lincoln dealers, while current incentives make the big SUV attractive for prospective buyers as well. In select markets, the Navigator is eligible for a 3.9 percent APR for 60 months, $1,000 in trade-in assistance, and an extra $1,000 incentive for those switching to Lincoln from another brand.

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  1. SandyL

    It would be better to invest that “award” monies to putting a proper V-8 in the Navigator. Watch sales take off.

  2. Richard Jones

    If you would update the navigator and the expedition, maybe your sales will improve, the navigator and the expedition is outdated both in engine and body style, Cadillac make sure that they update their body styles every 3 to 4 years.

    1. Darnell

      Lol the last Escalade was around for 5 years the one prior was 7 years. But true, still more frequent than Ford.

  3. MisterMac

    It’s too late. Lincoln should just discontinue Nav production and reinvest the money as a lifeline to save the brand from extinction.

    1. Darnell

      Why would they discontinue something that makes them good profits. You just read, if you read it, Navigator has 19% market share. Thats not bad.

  4. Darnell

    Needs a V8 lol. Only advantage the Escalade has.


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