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New Ford Inventory Remains High Nationwide Despite Strike

Through the course of 2023, new Ford inventory has begun to creep closer toward pre-pandemic levels after years of record lows, thanks to the fact that supply chain issues have begun to ease. In June, new Ford inventory reached a 75 days’ supply, in fact, which was the 11th most in the industry, while Lincoln also had the highest inventory of any luxury brand as of September. However, this doesn’t apply to every model or type of vehicle, as EVs and the best-selling Ford F-150 pickup are far easier to find than, say, vehicles like the Ford Ranger, but in spite of the ongoing UAW strike, overall new Ford inventory still remains in pretty good shape for the time being, according to new data from Cox Automotive.

As a brand, Ford began the month of October with an 88 days’ supply of new vehicle inventory, which is a pretty big improvement over the prior few months and years. However, that figure doesn’t apply to every model equally, as one might imagine, with the F-150 enjoying a robust 97 days’ supply, while the Ford Explorer had the highest inventory of any of the top 30 best-selling models in the U.S. at a 119 days’ supply. The Explorer’s counterpart – the Lincoln Aviator – had an even-higher 256 days’ supply, too.

In addition to those models, Ford dealers have an ample supply of models such as the Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport, with many vehicles enjoying a days’ supply well over 100. However, that isn’t the case with every vehicle, as the UAW strike is having an impact on select models like the Ford Bronco – which has a 45 days’ supply, currently, and the Ranger, which sits at a mere 33 days’ supply. The ever-popular Ford Maverick rests near the bottom with just a 32 days’ supply, too.

Inventory of those models figures to continue to decline due to the ongoing strike, which just began to impact the Chicago Assembly plant – where the Explorer and Aviator are built – a couple of weeks ago – meaning that now might be a good time to purchase one of them before supply inevitably dwindles.

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  1. Jim Elsasser

    Is it any wonder? Prices are through the roof. A $60,000 Mustang GT? Bland styling.
    Except Bronco, retro styling that people like

    1. Mf

      It’s the pricing and interest rates. A well equipped Lariat F150 should not be 75k+. You can MSRP it at whatever you want, but it should sell on the upper 50s.

      Ford is going to continue to have issues until it recognizes that it needs to bring back all the incentives it used to offer to move the metal. All the smart buyers are hanging out on the sidelines, waiting for this house of cards to fall.

  2. steve

    Notice how they did not mention the super duty, they never do. what a mess in the last 12 months unless you want a stripped down XLT

  3. Buck

    With MSRPs going ever higher and dealer ADMs it’s no wonder why inventor is growing. Also Ford quality control seems non existent leading all automakers in recalls. Who wants to buy an over priced 70k plus F150 and have to constantly take it back to the dealer who doesn’t seem to want to do anything to fix it. Ford has lots of big problems that start at the top and go all the way down to the customer but Farley and Ford only seem to be focused on the stock market and maximum profit F everything else.


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