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Next-Generation Nissan Armada Spotted Testing For First Time

Over the past several months, Ford Authority has spotted a handful of 2025 Ford Expedition prototypes out testing, giving us an idea of what to expect from the overhauled full-size SUV on the outside and inside. In a heated segment, the Expedition currently does battle with a host of rivals such as the Chevy Tahoe, as well as the Nissan Armada, the latter of which it has handily beat in recent comparison tests. However, there’s also a next-generation Nissan Armada in the works, and now, Ford Authority has spotted that model out testing for the very first time.

While it’s somewhat difficult to discern the styling changes that are set to take place here given the heavy presence of camouflage, Nissan is expected to give the new Armada a more luxurious, Ranger Rover-like design, both inside and out. Here, we can see the rather large front grille and slim LED headlights, which certainly give off a premium look.

While the overall profile of the Armada looks similar to the current model, it does appear as if there are new taillights and a potential new liftgate design lurking underneath this camo. Inside the cabin, the big SUV is expected to come equipped with larger screens, more premium materials, and new tech features.

Even bigger changes are expected under the hood, where Nissan will reportedly ditch the existing 5.6L V8 with a new twin-turbocharged V6 churning out 424 horsepower. It will reportedly be mated to Nissan’s nine-speed automatic transmission, reflecting trends that have become quite common across the industry.

The next-generation Nissan Armada is expected to launch alongside the all-new QX80 in early 2024 as a 2025 model. Both vehicles share the same codename – Y62 – and are built on the F-Alpha platform, which debuted way back in 2003 with the first-generation Armada and Titan. The all-new Nissan Armada is expected to debut soon, at least in the next few months, which is when we’ll get a good look at the future Expedition rival.

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  1. Mf

    The problem with Armada isn’t the powertrain, it’s the space. Armada is a tall, but not long enough vehicle with 3rd row seats that are behind the curve as far as cargo capacity.

    Nissan (and Toyota) since they don’t offer an extended length version really should make these vehicles fit neatly between the length of a tahoe and suburban, making them much longer than they are now. They both need to recognize that people buy these large SUVs because they have kids and a bunch of kid related crap. We almost never use our 3rd row as seats, but we always have that space full with a big double stroller, the seats to it, diaper bags, spare clothes, toys, snacks, etc. If the import brands want to compete, that’s where they need to shine, and they need to offer me more space than the regular length SUVs at a lower price. Reality is, Armada and Sequoia (and Wagoneer) are the outsiders in the world of Tahoe/Expedition, and so they need to deliver more space, more cargo space, more reliability, and be at a lower price or I’m just gonna pass them by. We checked both out before we bought our Expedition and they did not meet the standard.

    1. santa1

      Well said. I’m on my 7th Suburban and now downsizing. 3rd seat used only a few times in 12 years, still out of car. BUT, with a vacation home 200 miles away, we fill the back frequently. Hood too tall on the new GM’s. ( I’m 5′ 4″ ). Going for most cargo space below the Tahoe/Expedition.
      Largest: Chev. Traverse/GMC Acadia; Hyundai Palisade; Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid. Wish me luck….

  2. Dennis Cirucci

    Whenever a V8 is dropped from the engine line up it’s always a sad day. I don’t ever foresee a time when I won’t have a V8 in my family hauler. My 2017 Armada is a joy to drive with plenty of power. It’s not a sports car but that’s why I have Shelby’s! It takes me from PA to my Fl home in total comfort and safety with plenty of room. And you don’t need it any bigger. For the couple of times a year you need more space rent a trailer which it is already set up to tow. Yes the 3rd row is tight but it’s only used with the grandkids for short hauls. I stopped buying Lincoln’s when they ruined the company with six cylinder engines and questionable reliability. Why can’t I get a Coyote in one? It doesn’t take much to offer a V8 option for those of us who still want the torque and power they provide. With a ten speed transmission mileage is not bad at all.

    1. Mf

      The EPA is why you can’t have a V8 in Expedition. Unelected bureaucrats trying to enrich themselves.

      If they offered the coyote, I would trade our Limited Stealth in today for a coyote Limited Stealth Max.

  3. Whomeye

    Name Y62 /patrol in other markets change the name to Nissan patrol , offer the warrior or pro 4x and gives us a solid rear axle and no 3rd row for us off roader car campers over landers who have no need want or will ever use the 3rd row we want payload room for our camping kit


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