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Ram 1500 Assembly Plant Next Target In UAW Stand Up Strike

The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors has surpassed the one-month mark, and yet, there’s still seemingly no end in sight – at least for now. As the union and The Blue Oval remain at an impasse over the former’s desire to include future EV plants in its next master contract, both sides continue to trade barbs in public, while Ford recently stated that it has reached the limit of what it can offer. For now at least, the UAW hasn’t walked out of a Ford-owned facility since the Kentucky Truck Plant strike began a couple of weeks ago, but the union insists that it can outlast the automaker in its holdout, and has also made it clear that it will continue to add more plants to its list if the Detroit Big Three don’t richen their current offers. Now, that’s precisely what has happened to Stellantis, as the UAW just walked out of the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP).

This morning, 6,800 workers at SHAP – Stellantis’ largest plant and biggest moneymaker, considering it produces the Ram 1500 line of trucks – walked off the job, a move that was made in response to UAW President Shawn Fain’s disappointment in the automaker’s latest contract proposal. This move now means that around 40,000 UAW workers are on strike at the moment at seven assembly plants and 38 parts distribution centers in 22 states.

“Despite having the highest revenue, the highest profits (North American and global), the highest profit margins, and the most cash in reserve, Stellantis lags behind both Ford and General Motors in addressing the demands of their UAW workforce,” the union said in a statement. “Currently, Stellantis has the worst proposal on the table regarding wage progression, temporary worker pay, and conversion to full-time, cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), and more.”

“It’s time for a deal that recognizes our members’ sacrifices and contributions to the auto industry,” Fain said in a statement. “If the Big Three won’t hear it from me, they’ll hear it loud & clear from the 6,800 members of Local 1700 who just joined our Stand Up Strike at Stellantis’s biggest plant.”

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  1. FUUAW

    90% of Ram’s are Made in Mexico. Let’s make it 100% and close Sterling Heights Assembly Plant.

  2. CP

    Shut it all down and fire everybody. Robots will soon be replacing them anyway. A bunch of spoiled little brats.

  3. DB

    Easy solution to this problem. Just start buying foreign cars and trucks.


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