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Shuttered Ford Dealership Shelters Preserved Classics: Video

These days, it isn’t terribly uncommon to see a supremely well-preserved vehicle from decades ago resurface, often at auction, where those types of rides tend to rake in big money. However, it isn’t exactly like there are entire warehouses or dealerships full of vintage rides just sitting around like time capsules, waiting for someone to come along and discover them. Thus, this abandoned German Ford dealership recently documented in a video by Auto Retro is a truly amazing sight to behold, because it contains an incredible group of seemingly untouched Blue Oval models from the past.

Closed Ford Dealership In Germany With Preserved Cars Inside

As we can see in the video, this old, long-closed Ford dealer is filled with some pretty amazing relics from the 1980s, including more than one Sierra, an Escort, an MK2 Fiesta, an Orion, and various other sweet rides. They also appear to be in pretty decent condition, along with the building itself, which raises the question – how the heck does something like this happen?

Auto Retro conducted a bit of additional research following their visit to this somewhat creepy time capsule of a dealer, and found out that it closed back in the mid 1980s. The dealer was quite large in its heyday, with more than 300 vehicles in stock at one time. The owner continued to remain independent until he passed away, after which the family that owned the buildings occupied by the dealer were sold – along with most of the cars – in 1995.

Closed Ford Dealership In Germany With Preserved Cars Inside

The remaining, unsold vehicles seen here were moved into the showroom, which was then left intact as a memorial to the owner. His widow continue to maintain the showroom for many years afterward, having it cleaned regularly and even letting people visit from time to time. Unfortunately, a few thieves managed to make off with some parts on certain models at one point, which put an abrupt end to that practice.

The owner’s widow continued to keep the showroom nice and tidy, however, until she would up in a care facility. Her family hasn’t bothered to take care of it since, which is why the cars are a bit dusty at this point, unfortunately, but at least for now, it still stands in much the same way it did decades ago – quite literally frozen in time.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Interesting, but very eerie at the same time.

  2. DAB

    I literally just watched this on another site about 2 hours ago. What a cool thing to find! It says abandoned, but it looks more like a dealer that just closed up and someone’s been keeping things up for the most part. Seems to me like those cars were left there and the owner of the dealership has been keeping them as a small collection.

    Anyhow, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be for me to come upon something like this in the USA. For me, my dream would be a Cadillac dealership that closed in the mid-to-late 80’s while leaving a Cimarron or two along with a Seville and Deville. Now that would be like a Christmas dream come true.

  3. carl

    Amazing that it has stayed untouched for so long. I remember a Chevy dealer in southern Minnesota that closed and they had a Cosworth Vega in the showroom. It had been there for over 10 years. About 5 yr when the dealership was open, then they closed for another 5 yr or more, and the Vega was still in the showroom in this small town. One night, someone broke in and drove the Vega through the front glass windows and took off out of town into the country on some gravel roads. Nobody knew it was missing for many hours. When they finally found the Vega Cosworth, it was destroyed from the gravel roads and jumping ditches and who knows what else as it no longer would run. I don’t know if they ever found the culprit, but those are the kind of people that remind me of my US Army Basic Training.
    Drill Sgt said if you find anyone stealing your stuff, to bring he to his office. If he ‘happens’ to trip on the steps getting there, so be it. But, it he ‘happened’ to fall out the 3rd story window, we may have to look into how that happened.

    1. DAB

      “Drill Sgt said if you find anyone stealing your stuff, to bring he to his office. If he ‘happens’ to trip on the steps getting there, so be it. But, it he ‘happened’ to fall out the 3rd story window, we may have to look into how that happened.”

      ^^ haha. Love it.


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