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Steeda Ford Maverick Sport Lowering Springs Revealed

Back in August 2022, a company called Iceboxx Customs debuted its new air strut suspension for the Ford Maverick, which enables owners to drop the compact pickup anywhere between five and seven inches courtesy of custom front air struts and rear shocks, as well as two UAS airbags, all for a cost of around $3,000. Now, Steeda has thrown its hat into the proverbial ring with its new Ford Maverick lowering springs, which offer a lower cost solution for those looking to get their pickups a bit closer to the ground.

2021-2023 Ford Maverick Steeda Lowering Springs - Exterior 002 - Side

Steeda’s new Ford Maverick lowering springs fit all 2021-2023 models – both front and all-wheel drive, in fact, though the springs are not compatible with hybrid pickups – only those equipped with the turbocharged 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost. Owners can expect a drop of 1.5 inches in the front and 2.25 inches in the rear, giving it a sportier appearance coupled with an improvement in handling and a reduction in body roll and nose diving and pitching under braking, shortening the distance it takes to come to a stop.

2021-2023 Ford Maverick Steeda Lowering Springs - Suspension 001

On top of that, Steeda notes that these lowering springs help reduce understeer, all while retaining comfortable ride quality for daily driving purposes, largely thanks to the springs’ high silicon content steel wire construction. However, to ensure a proper alignment, Steeda also recommends adding a set of its adjustable toe links along with the lowering springs.

Steeda’s 2021-2023 Ford Maverick lowering springs come with a lifetime warranty and retail for $369.95, giving owners a pretty economical way to transform their pickup into something a bit more sporty to look at – as well as drive.

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  1. markwho

    Ordered my Maverick 9/22 still waiting. WTF Ordered a c8 Vette 11/21 delivered 5/22 imagine getting a Vette quicker than a Maverick!!

    1. Rosko

      What does that have to do with this post?

  2. Let\'s go

    You’ll get your lowering spring kit before the truck.


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