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UAW Member’s Message To Ford CEO Based On Famous ‘SNL’ Skit

As many are well aware, Ford CEO Jim Farley is the cousin of late actor and comedian Chris Farley, who rapidly rose to fame as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Farley went on to star in a host of movies, including Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, and Beverly Hills Ninja, to name a few. Chris Farley’s most famous skit – at least arguably – saw him playing the role of a fictional motivational speaker named Matt Foley on SNL, a clip that has inspired at least one United Auto Workers (UAW) union member picketing outside of the shuttered Chicago Assembly Plant to make a custom t-shirt during the ongoing strike, it seems.

The member was spotted wearing a shirt that reads “hey Farley, we’re sick of living in a van down by the river!” This is an obvious reference to the aforementioned skit – which is embedded below – in which Chris Farley’s character famously tells a pair of teens that if they don’t stop doing drugs and get their lives together, they’ll be living in a van down by the river – just like Matt Foley himself.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, the automaker’s most recent offer to the UAW is its most generous yet, drawing the approval of union president Shawn Fain – though it isn’t apparently quite close enough to seal the deal on a new four-year contract. Ford – along with General Motors and Stellantis – is offering a 23 percent pay increase over the life of the deal, though the UAW reportedly wants a bit more at 25 percent, along with various other assurances.

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  1. GetReal

    So when Ford and the other two are bankrupt and they can’t conquer Tesla, Toyota, Honda, HKG, VW or Nissan, they will discover new meanings of these words.

    Hope they find a deal on a non-American van to live in.

    1. Davido49

      Remember karma is real. What you say has repucussions.

    2. Mr. UAW

      The only reason why Tesla is still around is because they did the whole EV thing first and established a cult following. From what I’ve seen, EVs are trending down. I don’t think Tesla is going anywhere at the moment but if any company shuts down it’ll probably be them.

      1. Alfred

        lol, No.

        1. Mr. UAW

          Why not? Tesla had a good thing going when they were the only fully EV company. You think they’re going to continue being the top EV brand over the next 10 years? How’s that new cyber truck by the way lol. But anyway, I just don’t know why people dog on the Big 3. They keep posting record profits so they must be doing something right.

  2. Motomike

    Chris Farley was a comedic genius we lost way too early! I hope Ford and the UAW can soon work out a deal to the benefit of both parties!

    1. CJ

      Please don’t forget the government will print more greens and save the three companies!! after all the mess of bankruptcy!

  3. Jim

    This all seems to be a joke to our leader Fein, but it is no joke to my family. Enough with the stupid skits already and do something for us the UAW and stop playing games.

  4. Davido49

    Myself as well. We must support them!

  5. Jack T Klingen

    How well Ford survive with the UAW demands when Asian manufacturers which are nonunion pay at least 30% less? Ford’s are already more expensive.

    1. Mr. UAW

      Write Ford corporate an email and ask them why they keep raising the MSRP of their entire lineup.

      1. Edbbasher

        I agree that they MSRP has skyrocketed since around Covid, but I think I may know the answer to that…

        If you recall a few years back when Ford announced their big EV plans, they stated that they were going to use legacy ICE sales (Ford Blue) to fund the new EV division (Ford E).

  6. Bob

    UAW Mantra: GIMME, GIMME, GIMME & I need whip cream on top too!
    Not enough to have a good job with benefits, vacations, holidays….NO!
    WE demand MORE!!!!
    Hopefully, you have that savings account loaded up, you may be needing it this winter when the strike continues & you have to walk the picket line in freezing rain & wind!

    1. Mr. UAW

      Tentative agreement reached. 🥰

  7. JimL

    Haha. Hoo boy. That sure is witty of them. #sarcasm

  8. Alfred

    Not a good idea to show your face while interjecting a dead family member of your boss while asking for more money. When this is all over hopefully their vans are well optioned and equipped.


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