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UAW Says Ford Transmission Plant May Start Lay Offs Monday

At the onset of the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against the Detroit Big Three automakers a month ago, the union walked out of the Michigan Assembly plant – which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger – and two weeks later, the Chicago Assembly plant, which produces the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Then, without warning, the UAW expanded its strike last week to include the Kentucky Truck plant, which produces the Ford Super Duty, Ford Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator. All of these closures have also prompted The Blue Oval to lay off 1,920 workers at other plants that supply parts to those facilities, and soon, the Sharonville Transmission plant may be facing some layoffs of its own this coming Monday, as the UAW revealed to

“We were not called to strike but will have some layoffs at our plant,” said UAW 863 local president Tod Turner, though he wasn’t sure exactly how many workers will be affected. The Sharonville plant – which builds 6R140 and 10R80 transmissions for Ford models – currently employs round 2,000 workers, 1,800 of whom are represented by the union.

After laying off 600 workers at the Michigan Assembly plant, the expanded strike at Chicago Assembly has thus far resulted in 243 layoffs at the Chicago Stamping plant, 184 at the Lima Engine plant in Ohio, as well as 391 at the Livonia Transmission plant, 133 at the Sterling Axle plant, and 372 at the Cleveland Engine plant. However, it isn’t just Ford and its counterparts that are feeling the effects of the the UAW strike, as it’s also impacting around 30 percent of automotive suppliers as well.

In recent contract talks, two major sticking points remain that have yet to be overcome – the union’s desire to restore the same retirement security that was previously provided by pre-2007 defined benefit pension plans, as well as including existing and future joint-venture EV battery plants in master contracts with automakers.

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  1. Gary Hedman

    Layoff everyone at every plant and close then open back up nonunion plenty of people are out of work and would love to have a decent job

  2. JoeBryant

    God the stupid is strong between the Ford and UAW leadership.

    1. Davido49

      Sure Joe. You simply don’t understand. Are you trolling?

  3. Dennis

    The UAW, should start thinking about having a manufacture of vehicles, to come back to! Which could break down the Union, with no jobs to go to! Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro-Union, but their has to be some sensibility in negotiating wages and benefits for the workers, but in another sense, the Union must get the workers back to work, with a good relations, with the manufactures, because the Union members can’t go to long without a job and the manufactures, also in another sense, can’t be in limbo to long, or it would hurt the production process, in their sensibility of losing to much income in the costs of restarting production! I hope the strike will soon end and both parties get some satisfaction from this loss of production and the UAW strike!

  4. Rick

    Ford should stick to their guns and consider shutting down all the plants until the UAW comes to its senses. They already make great money and UAW demands translate to higher vehicle prices. UAW needs to be taught a lesson.

  5. Big burnin gas steve

    I’m a tellin you! When the manufacturers file for bankruptcy, the second thing they will do is tear up your contracts and hire replacement workers! Be careful boys and girls!!

  6. Lance

    Where’s the 10R140 made then?

    1. Davido49

      Multiple plants.

  7. Tom

    Every Ford and Lincoln dealer thinks, hopes that the vehicle shortage will increase profit per unit. But, Ford and Lincoln will just be selling, moving sales to non UAW manufactures. Try winning those lease renewal 3 yrs from now; trade 6 yrs from now. Traffic to Ford and Lincoln has slowed. Don’t hope, pray. And, make sure if your s salesperson…bank the bank the gross now.

  8. john

    The UAW argument is Ford is making a great profit and it is about $$$$ (GREED). Ford is still trying to run a profitable business today and the future. This will require a join effort for employer and employee.

    A 20+ % raise and the benefit package UAW workers have on the table seems an outstanding offer to me. I wish I could count on a 20% increase on wages and have medical benefits in the top 1% of the country. My medical deductible is $7500 and then my coverage still has out of pocket expenses (cannot afford to get sick). So, does the UAW also have greed in their mind or they just that privileged?

    Bottom line everything is screwed up. I guess the only thing I can count on is that prices will be going up on vehicles that are already too expensive.


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