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UAW Will Not Escalate Strike Against Ford Today

With the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis hitting the one month mark, both sides have certainly made progress toward a new contract, yet remain far apart on a couple of key issues. As a result, the UAW decided to expand its strike against The Blue Oval earlier this week by walking out of the Kentucky Truck plant – which builds the the Ford Super Duty, Ford Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator following a meeting in which the automaker reportedly informed the union that it had reached the limit of what it could offer, which has since been confirmed by a Ford Blue head Kumar Galhotra. In the meantime, during the union’s weekly Friday update today, UAW President Shawn Fain revealed that the union won’t be taking additional action against The Blue Oval – at least for today.

2023 Ford Super Duty Production Kentucky Truck Plant - Exterior 001 - Front

Fain noted that the UAW will not walk out of any additional Ford plants today, nor facilities operated by General Motors or Stellantis. However, while the union previously took such action only on Fridays, Fain also stated that it could very well expand its strike on any day of the week moving forward, as it did this week by striking at the Kentucky Truck plant on Wednesday.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, two main sticking points remain in these ongoing discussions – increased retirement security and the inclusion of future joint-venture EV battery plants in the UAW’s master contracts with the automakers. GM has already reportedly agreed to the latter term, but thus far, Ford has shunned making such a move, instead preferring to allow employees at those plants decide for themselves if they want to be represented by the union.

In the meantime, Ford just outlined the ripple effects of the strike at the Kentucky Truck plant this morning, which is affecting a total of 13 additional facilities. The automaker has also laid off a total of 1,920 workers as a result of the ongoing strike thus far, with more seemingly possible to follow the longer this work stoppage continues, particularly if it spreads to include additional plants moving forward.

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  1. FUAW

    Ford’s Offer:
    Wages: In August, Ford offered a 9% raise over the life of the contract, with a total of 6% lump sum bonus payments. On Oct. 3, the offer was 23%, with an immediate double-digit increase upon ratification.
    COLA: In August, it offered a lump sum of $12,000 rather than restore COLA. On Oct. 3: Traditional COLA was offered to provide “inflation protection.”
    Elimination of tiers: Ford offered to eliminate wage tiers, enabling employees at Rawsonville Components and Sterling Axle to reach the top wage rate.
    In-Progression: First offer was six years. The Oct. 3 offer “reduced by more than half” from eight years so the average new hire will reach the top wage by the fourth year.
    Temps: First offer was a pay increase to $20 an hour (it’s $16.67 now), with a full ratification bonus. On Oct. 3, the offer was $21 an hour, full ratification bonus and profit sharing. Also current temps with three months consecutive service would be converted to full-time upon ratification.
    Retirement: Increased contribution to 401(k) but no restorations of defined benefit plan in either offer.

    So, Ford has put a sweet deal on the table and Fain promptly called for a walkout at KTP. This is like watching an Army with no weapons ( The union under Fain ) march into battle. The end result will be ugly!! Workers are growing tired of scraping by on the $500/wk while Fain is whoring the media for fame and still collecting his $265K!!! He’ll need witness protection if the union lets this go more than another 2 weeks!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  2. whypac

    When a union strikes, the union leadership should be on strike as well, only getting paid the same $500 per week the workers receive for being forced to be on strike.

  3. Gary Hedman

    The Union Rep is nothing but a POS how in their right mind give 40% in four years fire all of them and go to a nonunion shop problem solved there are plenty of people that will take that job.

  4. Bill

    The Feds are forcing auto companies to translate to EVs. This means a massive investment into battery production and new models. Shouldnt the union be forced to make a massive investment into these new facilities with their “record profits. Record contracts”? It appears the union is going to make the companies non competitive with Tesla and other brands jusf based upon labor costs.

  5. Shockandawe

    Escalate Fain, I dare you!


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