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We Render The Totally Rad Ford Maverick RS Of Our Dreams

While the street performance truck, in general, has largely gone the way of the dinosaur, those looking for a low-slung, high-horsepower hauler with massive tires and rapid acceleration haven’t exactly followed it. Rather, fans of such machines continue to clamor for them, prompting The Blue Oval to recently release its FP700 packages for the Ford F-150. It certainly seems like the Ford Maverick will follow suit with a more factory-ready offering, and thus, it inspired we here at Ford Authority to render what we think a Ford Maverick RS might look like, adding to prior renderings of an ST and even a convertible variant.

Here, we’ve taken a classic approach to creating our imaginary Ford Maverick RS, starting up front with a blacked-out grille, smoked headlights, and an aggressive front fascia with a large air intake and space for fog lamps. Moving down the side, we can see that this compact pickup rides low to the ground, with larger wheel lips covering a set of sporty black wheels wrapped in high-performance rubber.

Moving toward the back, we’ve added a roof spoiler to drive home the fact that this is, indeed, not the average Maverick, along with side skirts. The rear presents us with more of a monochrome look complete with smoked taillights, as well as a diffuser making room for dual exhaust tips. For power, our Ford Maverick RS could make use of the existing turbocharged 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost, churning out 270 or more horsepower via the same dual-clutch all-wheel drive system present in the Tremor.

As Ford Authority reported back in June, a street performance version of the Ford Maverick is indeed in the works, though it’s unclear what that model might consist of. Ford Authority spotted a pair of lowered Mavericks out being evaluated this summer, perhaps previewing this forthcoming model, but it remains to be seen what The Blue Oval is cooking up in that regard.

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  1. David

    If Ford actually made something like this and didn’t mess it up it would hit huge in SoCal. Lowered minitrucks are our religion. This would be a halo car for so many people in the city who really don’t get excited about performance mustangs.

  2. KDS

    As the 2.3EB from the Ranger is a nearly direct swap for the Mavrick it shouldn’t be TO hard to actually make a RS if Ford cared to.

  3. Snark Twain

    This is all well and good, but Ford has not taken any meaningful steps to increase production of Mavericks . So RS, or ST, it doesn’t matter, folks who want one cannot get one.

  4. 02fx4

    I’d just like them to be back in stock. And take care of those power train worries that have popped up. Doesn’t help when a dealer says to you, “they fall apart at 100k man”

  5. Mf

    The Maverick is too small. They need a Ranger RS. Turn the 3.0 Ecoboost up to 500hp, lower the truck, and let it rip.

    Also, where the heck is my lowered sport model lobo f150 I was promised? All the stupid mall crawlers trucks need to go extinct, nobody actually offroads them. The most they ever see is hopping a curb accidentally.

  6. Tom Clay

    Wow what an ugly truck! They hire the designers from Tesla for this one?


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