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2023 Ford Bronco Two Door Heritage Orders Cancelled

After a few weeks of back-and-forth negotiations, Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) failed to reach an agreement on a new contract by mid-September, which prompted the start of a targeted strike by the union. This process began at the Michigan Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger, and continued until late October, when an agreement was reached on a new tentative deal. UAW workers are still in the process of voting on the proposed contract, but at MAP, the damage was already done, and previous few Rangers and Broncos were built over that six-week period as a result. Now, the strike is having yet another ripple effect, as all remaining, unbuilt 2023 Ford Bronco two-door Heritage orders have been canceled, according to Bronco Nation.

The Blue Oval has reportedly canceled all remaining, unfilled 2023 Ford Bronco two-door Heritage and Heritage Limited orders due not only to the UAW strike, but also supplier issues and the simple fact that, well, the 2023 model year is winding down. It’s obviously unfortunate news for anyone waiting on one of those models, but the automaker is offering those customers a bit of a deal in some cases.

Those that had an order placed for one of these models that were already confirmed for production with a VIN will be eligible for a model year transition private offer certificate that’s good toward a 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage or Heritage Limited. For the regular Heritage, this offer is worth $4,250, and for the Heritage Limited, $3,090.

Those that are eligible to take advantage of this offer must take a few steps in order to do so, however. First, they must submit a new order for a 2024 Bronco Heritage or Heritage Limited, as 2023 orders won’t automatically be carried over. That new order must have the same order number as the previous one as well, and it also needs COVP approval, all of which can be taken care of by a dealer. The deadline to complete these steps in order to receive the private offer is December 1st, 2023.

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  1. Jim Elsasser

    Ford keeps screwing with customers.

  2. U725hopeful

    Has anyone with a ’23 Heritage 2-door order received any communication from Ford? I have not but my 2-door Heritage never received a build date with vin. What about those orders? Cancelled and no private offer I presume. Article says those who qualify must place a ’24 Heritage 2-door order. My dealer tried to do that for me on 11/10 but the ’24 order banks had 2-door Heritage as a constraint, unavailable to order!

  3. JD

    If you believe any company still blaming Covid or supply issues for their own failures, then I have a bridge to sell you. If Ford would focus on vehicles that customers actually want, instead of funneling and losing billions and billions of dollars on E.V.’s, then there would be all the “supply” ever needed.

  4. Penny Filo

    First of all the people behind the design of the “ New Broncos” apparently were not even born when Ford was still building Bronco’s!!
    They don’t seem to understand that the Bronco was a truck body! Built Ford tough!
    They were NEVER built to be some cutsie little wanna be SUV. The old Broncos were big, tough, roomy, comfortable, and tough as nails!!!!!
    I had a new one preordered then when I was able to actually sit in the Sasquatch version I was like WTF!!! I felt claustrophobic in the drivers seat. I could reach across to the passenger side barely having to lean over. Don’t even get me started on the Sport Bronco it’s definitely the same mistake they made with the Bronco II.
    Please Ford you’re the best at building trucks! Build a REAL Bronco for the real lovers of truck.
    Not for someone who wants this “tough looking SUV”. It’s so sad that y’all came out with a pretend version of a truck!!!!

    1. Steve

      Hey Penny. I do remember the old original Bronco’s. I will tell you I have a 2023 Wildtrak that is badass. I took this right off the dealer lot and went wheeling. This thing crawled up some pretty technical stuff. There’s is no way the original Bronco would have made what I did without major mods. And FYI, the Bronco is built on on a ranger frame, so there’s your truck frame. So before spouting off make sure you test drive one off road. I bet you trade your Jeep for it.

  5. Brooks

    This has nothing to do with the strike. Don’t believe the corporate propaganda.

  6. Mjlambie

    I got a 4 door heritage, and glad I got it just before all the strike stuff. This is crazy how long people are waiting for these!

  7. Billy

    Both ugly versions anyway

  8. Steve

    First off Ford isn’t screwing with it’s customers. The Union is and holding your orders up for ransom. As far as I’m concerned, all these over paid UAW people need to get over to the unemployment line and let those that want to work, work. There’s no way you can convince Ford is screwing itself. Selling cars is what they do and make money at. Any deviation from that plan makes no sense. So if you want to play the blame game, blame those UAW POCrap. Oh by the way, I came from a heavy union family, IBEW.

  9. DannoD

    Let me guess: Car crazy America was willing to pay 20k over sticker price, sight unseen?

  10. Charlie James

    Ordered my 4 door in March. I have yet to receive any communication.


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