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2023 Lincoln Corsair Production Increased In October

Back in August, 2023 Lincoln Corsair production really picked up, posting the best results of the calendar year thus far at 4,702 units, which was an increase of 1,827 units or 66 percent month-over-month. This was notable because production of the refreshed crossover hit a bit of a snag early on due to a software issue with its digital instrument cluster, which took some time to rectify. Making matters worse, the six-week-long UAW strike threatened to impact 2023 Lincoln Corsair production as well, given the fact that the model’s body parts are stamped at the nearby Kentucky Truck plant, which was shut down for several weeks – though salaried workers stepped in to keep things rolling. As a result, 2023 Lincoln Corsair production actually increased in October, according to the automaker’s latest sales report.

Last month, Ford managed to build 4,381 Corsair models at the Louisville Assembly plant, which is 893 or 26 percent more than September. when it closed out the month at 3,488 units. It also marked the crossover’s second-best production month of the 2023 calendar year so far – behind only August – and brings its year-to-date production total up to 26,416 units with two months to go.

What makes this result even more notable is the fact that – as Ford Authority reported earlier this month – the automaker was previously planning on temporarily laying off 1,500 workers at the Louisville Assembly plant. This move isn’t a result of the UAW strike, but rather, is tied to “parts-related issues,” according to UAW Local 862 President Todd Dunn, who noted that the layoff was only expected to last for less than a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the 2023 Ford Escape production flow has nearly mirrored that of its platform-mate, the Corsair, over the past few months. In October, a total of 20,018 Escape models rolled off the line at the Louisville Assembly plant, which is 1,219 or 6.5 percent more than September. It also marked that model’s second-best production month of the 2023 calendar year as well, behind August, and brings its year-to-date production total up to 140,379 units.

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  1. Marilyn

    I believe Ford/Lincoln are making cataclysmicly wrong decisions with respect to not continuing the Ford Escape plug and the Corsair versions for 2024 and beyond. I personally will only purchase a plug-in hybrid. I am middle America. I will never own an all electric vehicle nor an all gas vehicle in the future. I plan to purchase a 2024 SUV hybrid and am now looking at the Mazda CX-9. This in unfortunate for Ford/Lincoln as I originally planned to purchase the plug-in Corsair. I have owned a ford product for nearly 30 years. I currently own 2 C-Max plug-ins but now would like a larger vehicle. I understand the Navigator will have a plug-in version but it will be made in China…. No.. China cars for me.

    1. Bob

      The Plug in Hybrid Escape and Corsair are available for 2024. The future Navigator is scheduled to be produced in Kentucky…..

    2. Hi

      You have issues.


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