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2025 Ford Maverick Performance Pickup Potentially Spotted

Ford Authority originally reported that FoMoCo wasn’t ruling out adding additional Ford Maverick variants to its lineup back in August 2021, which could include a high-performance ST street-focused pickup or other off-road-centered models like the Tremor. Back in March 2022, Ford Authority also reported that following the Maverick’s addition to Ford’s list of “icons,” this possibility grew even stronger. This past June, Ford Authority exclusively reported that a “street performance” version of the Ford Maverick was in the works, and shortly thereafter, spotted what seem to be prototypes of such a model out testing. Back in August, Ford also filed to trademark “Maverick Lobo,” which could signal the arrival of yet another variant, too. Now, Ford Authority has spotted what could be a potential 2025 Ford Maverick performance pickup out testing.

This 2025 Ford Maverick certainly looks like a new model given the presence of heavy camouflage both in the front and rear, which is not something that was present on the previously-spied performance prototypes, and it sports a set of 19-inch wheels, which aren’t currently offered on any version of the Maverick. Given the presence of an independent rear suspension out back, it looks to be an all-wheel drive model, too.

This prototype is wearing a set of 225/65R19 Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT all-season tires that don’t necessarily scream “performance,” but then again, such a model isn’t likely to be quite as track-focused as something like, say, the Mustang Dark Horse. Rather, a Maverick Lobo, ST, or whatever this might be would likely be positioned as a fun street performer. That much seems likely given the covered-up front fascia, which could sport a different look or perhaps even larger air intakes to feed a more powerful engine.

This particular model does look quite a bit different than the previously-spotted performance Ford Maverick pickups, which were equipped with stock bodywork, a lowered suspension, and not much else to note. However, this prototype is equipped with cameras on each of the side mirrors, which means that the compact pickup will most likely be getting a 360-degree camera system. Regardless, it’s also further proof that Ford is cooking up a more fun on-road version of the Maverick, as we’ve expected for years now.

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  1. SCEcoBoost

    Gotta pay for all those UAW concessions and $23K won’t cut it. How ’bout a Platinum Limited Super Extra Special for $70K? Don’t laugh. I’m sure it’s being discussed.

  2. BroncoEAI1975

    Maverick needs redesigned into a rear wheel drive, based on explorer platform.

    1. Mf

      That’d be a Ranger at that point.

  3. Tyrone G

    Should be making the PHEV version of the Maverick

    1. ronarb

      The Hybrid version is obviously available. What would be the value of adding the plug in version aside from the subsequent cost of plug in devices ?

  4. Dave Miller

    People that have them, love them…including me. Perfect vehicle which delivers exactly what it is equipped and designed to do.

  5. Sam

    Oh yay, a Maverick that will have an MSRP of $49995 that will end up on dealers lots a year after ordered and marked up to $65,000…

  6. David Barber

    What is the base price of the hybrid and how long will it take to get a new one


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