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As Strike Ends, UAW Will Work To Organize Non-Union Plants

The United Auto Workers (UAW) began its targeted strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis back in mid-September after months of negotiations left both sides far apart in negotiations, but roughly six weeks later, The Blue Oval was the first to reach a tentative agreement on a new contract with the union. GM and Stellantis followed suit just a few days later, effectively ending the strike altogether. However, the UAW isn’t content to just celebrate this victory for the next four-plus years, as instead, it plans to go after non-union plants, according to Reuters.

Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina (TBMNC)

While Ford and the UAW remain at odds over organizing future EV plants, the union is also eyeing non-unionized facilities owned and operated by other automakers in the U.S., such as Honda, Tesla, and Toyota. The latter Japanese automaker recently gave its workers a raise following the UAW’s tentative deal, which President Shawn Fain said happened “because the company knows we’re coming for ’em.”

“We’re going to pull out all stops. We’re going to leverage every avenue we can and we’re going to find creative ways to get to workers,” Fain added. “We’re going to employ everything we can to support workers and give them what they need.” He also noted that “hundreds” of workers at those non-union plants have already reached out expressing a desire to organize.

United Auto Workers UAW Strike Ford Michigan Assembly Plant

The UAW has tried to organize these non-union plants for a number of years now, but has been unsuccessful in those attempts thus far, partially due to “right to work” laws in certain states that make it optional for workers to pay union dues. Regardless, Fain remains unfazed. “When we return to the bargaining table in 2028, it won’t just be with the Big Three, but with the Big Five or Big Six,” he said.

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  1. wjtinfwb

    I think Fain and his henchmen will find the Japanese, South Korean and European companies to be much more resolute in their objection to unions. The UAW has a 75 year track record of holding companies hostage and building sub-par products. I can’t see Honda, Toyota etc. signing up for that.

  2. John P

    Sure they will. Because they know that this latest contract is going to result in a net loss of jobs as the companies automate everything they can. So they have to go after the other fruit trees as they have picked these clean.

  3. Mistermax

    So Fain is openly making threats. Doesn’t he know the Godfather works silently in the shadows.

  4. Sam

    They would be stupid to go union.
    The whole world should rid itself of unions—fast.

    1. Leonard

      And you too!

  5. Sam

    Lots of loafers on the unions supported by the ones that work hard.
    Seems like your of the loafers.

  6. The Retired Viking

    The UAW has been trying to get into the Nissan plant in Smyrna for decades. They have tried everything including outright intimidation and scare tactics. What they did not count on was that threat got them looking down the business end of a 12ga shotgun. The plant remains union-free.


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