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Book About Henry Ford To Get Film Adaptation

Henry Ford – founder of Ford Motor Company – is largely known for his many achievements in the world of business, ranging from creating the assembly line to paying his workers high wages to making the automobile something that pretty much anyone could afford – not just the ultra-wealthy. However, Henry Ford also had his fair share of controversial opinions – many of them considered anti-semitic in today’s world – topics that were covered in a film a few years ago called Ten Questions for Henry Ford. Now, a book that takes an even deeper dive into the unsavory side of Henry Ford is set to receive a film adaptation as well, according to Deadline.

The book – Henry Ford’s War on Jews and the Legal Battles Against Hate Speech – was written by Victoria Saker Woeste and published back in 2012, documenting Ford’s antisemitic newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, and the war he waged in that regard throughout the 1920s, which also included Ford’s book titled The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. It all came to a head in 1925 when Aaron Sapiro – a lawyer and activist – sued Ford for libel and won, forcing Ford to shut down that publication altogether.

Now, Leviathan Production – which was founded by veteran film producer Cosgrove and bestselling author Josh Foer and focuses on acquiring and developing mass-market films and television content based on Jewish history – will bring this story to life in a different sort of way.

“The story of Aaron Sapiro’s courageous battle against Henry Ford’s rabid antisemitism and the libelous rantings of his newspaper The Dearborn Independent is, sadly, as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago,” said Leviathan Productions’ co-founder and CEO, Ben Cosgrove. “This moment demands that we tell stories about those who bravely stood up against antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and disinformation.”

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    If Henry Ford would be able to see the pathetic and incomplete lineup that Ford/Lincoln has today, he would die again.


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