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Ford E-Series Cutaway Class Action Lawsuit Is Dismissed

Ford has enjoyed its fair share of victories in court over the past few months, getting a number of cases dismissed including a shifter bushing lawsuit, a Ford Super Duty roof crush lawsuit, and a privacy lawsuit filed in Washington State. Back in August 2022, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the automaker claiming that select Ford E-Series cutaway models featured advertised gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) that were incorrect, which could allegedly make those vehicles more difficult or even unsafe to drive. However, that lawsuit has now been dismissed as well, according to Car Complaints.

The lawsuit – Kenneth L. Boyle v. Ford Motor Company – pertains to Ford E-Series cutaway models produced from 2018 and up, claiming that these vehicles have suspensions that cannot be adjusted and are converted into a wide variety of vehicles following their purchase – such as ambulances and recreational vehicles – but once this process is complete, the vehicle doesn’t drive straight, nor are its stated GVWRs correct.

The plaintiff in this case based these claims on his experience with a Ford E-Series model that was converted into an RV by a third-party, after which it reportedly wouldn’t drive straight, even after an alignment, and claimed that the automaker should correct this issue under warranty. Ford does offer a warranty on its cutaway models, but it argued that it doesn’t apply when third-party modifications have been performed. “The New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover any damage caused by alterations or modifications of the vehicle, including the body, chassis, electronics or their components, after the vehicle leaves the control of Ford Motor Company,” the automaker said in court.

While the plaintiff argued that “Ford knowingly sells its incomplete vehicles to be altered and modified, and then uses an exclusion that denies warranty coverage if a vehicle is altered or modified,” the judge agreed with Ford’s notion that the E-Series didn’t leave the factory misaligned, and that the problem was caused by its third-party modifications, which is what ultimately led to the case’s dismissal.

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