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Ford E-Series Production Will Continue Into 2028

The Ford E-Series is one of the older nameplates in the Blue Oval lineup, and yet, it hasn’t received what one would consider any significant updates in some time. Regardless, the E-Series continues to beat the competition in terms of sales, proving to be an important commercial-focused model in the Ford Pro lineup for the foreseeable future. Now, it seems as if that will indeed be the case for the Ford E-Series, as production of that model seems destined to continue at the Ohio Assembly plant until at least April 2028, according to the United Auto Workers (UAW) new master contract with the automaker.

Ford United Auto Workers UAW New Contract Product Investments

As part of a planned $2.1 billion dollar investment into the Ohio Assembly plant, Ford will add a new EV van to its production line there – which could be the second-generation E-Transit, as Ford Authority recently reported – and that it will continue to build Super Duty and medium-duty trucks there as well. Additionally, production of the Ford E-Series cutaway and stripped chassis models will continue through the length of the contract, which runs through April 2028, as previously mentioned.

Back in September 2022, Ford announced that it was set to receive $205 million in state incentives for the Ohio plant, which are performance-based and require that the automaker operate the plant for another 33 years while also creating $108 million in new payroll.

As for the future of the E-Series, an updated model is in the works, as Ford Authority reported back in February. Shortly thereafter, Ford Authority spotted a refreshed E-Series prototype out testing, featuring an updated front grille and bumper design, along with what appear to be a few additional yet minor changes.

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  1. cj

    I owned 7 Econolines from E 150, 250 ,350, , 300 inline 6, 302, 351, 460s,,,owned one bought brand new Transit T 250….The Transit has give almost more problems and harder to service than all the Econolines….having to pull rear axle to replace brake rotors, car style brake pads that dont last…try chaining automatic tranny fluid…a nightmare…wish they make Econoline in Van form spoiled us….

  2. John

    I don’t see why they would ever stop making them its so old that every new one they sell is pure profit and it’s still a strong seller

  3. Crabbymilton

    They’re a well proven foundation for airport/hotel shuttle buses and class C motor homes. GM and MERCEDES BENZ are available but by far and away, FORD is the most popular option.Wouldn’t be surprised if they extended them beyond 2028.


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