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Ford Escape And Lincoln Corsair Will Be Replaced By New EV

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, one component of Ford’s new tentative contract agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) – which ended the union’s six-week-long strike against the automaker – is a major, $8 billion dollar investment in current and future products. However, this roadmap is far more interesting that that, providing us with some clues as to what the future holds for certain Blue Oval models. As it turns out, things don’t look so good for the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair.

Ford United Auto Workers UAW New Contract Product Investments

The roadmap seen here notes that the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair will continue to be produced at the Louisville Assembly plant through the “planned product lifecycle” of each, after which an “all new EV product will be added” as the automaker invests $1.2 billion in that facility. The new Ford and UAW contract is set to run through the end of April 2028, so it’s possible that production for each of these models could likely end at some point before that date, too.

Of course ,this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Escape and Corsair nameplates are going away completely in North America – rather, it could just simply mean that Louisville will stop producing each before 2028. The Escape and Corsair are currently produced in China by Changan Ford, and the Escape is also built at the Valencia Assembly plant in Spain and sold under the Kuga nameplate.

Regardless, the proverbial writing on the wall for the Escape has been there for some time now, dating back to June 2022, when Ford CEO Jim Farley stated indirectly that the crossover was facing cancellation and noted that the automaker intends to get out of the two-row ICE crossover market. Then, last December, a report surfaced indicating that the Escape will live on as a new all-electric model, as this roadmap alludes. As for the Corsair, it’s worth noting that the luxurious counterpart of this duo may follow the direction of the Lincoln Nautilus, which is no longer built at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada, but rather, production of the redesigned 2024 model will now take place at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in China, and it’s set to be imported into the U.S. and sold there.

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  1. Prentice Ethington

    I wonder what Ford’s Plan B is if battery-powered electric vehicles aren’t really adopted by North American customers.

    Three things can contribute to battery-powered electric vehicles’ downfall:
    1. Feds discontinue tax credits;
    2. National average price of gas drops to under $2.50; and
    3. Fuel Cell vehicles become popular as manufacturers make progress and energy companies such as Exxon/Mobil and Chevron make hydrogen fuel available at an increasing number of service stations across the country.

    1. Mick1

      You are predicting Republican win Nov 2024.

      1. Hope

        Crap city, not happening

    2. Nate

      I’m not sure the price of gas is going to make much of a difference when it comes to deciding to buy an EV or not.
      Unless gas is about $8 a gallon, you’d be an idiot to buy an EV as a way of saving money.

    3. James

      Price of gas housing 2.50….


      1. James


    4. David

      I am a big ford fan. But if ford is going to keep pushing BS on us, I will buy Cadillac.

  2. Mrx19

    Like it or not sales of BEV vehicles have hit the wall. The true believers have already bought one (and some are going back to ICE vehicles). They continue to be a great buy for those with home charging and those just driving locally. However, it will take charging station / gas station ratio of 1/2 and a 10 minute charge cycle before BEV’s have a chance to meet government and industry sales projections.

  3. Dean Smith

    Bet this is being rethought already. Would be a huge mistake as EV’S will not proliferate until they provide the same utility for the same value as an ICE vehicle. This fact is finally dawning on auto execs who should have known long ago if they wouldn’t have let the false religion of climate change and pressure from liberal democrats cloud their judgment

    1. Jon

      Sorry, but climate change is REAL!!! What is needed is investment in better batteries and more and faster charging stations.

      1. Mick1

        Digging tons of dirt in Africa for minerals to make the batteries is environmentally friendly to whom?

      2. Jason

        EV’s will not save the world nor have a great impact on climate change in its current form. It just changes the limited resource used to the one liberals have invested in full bore from those that were previously heavily invested in by rich republicans.

      3. Anonymous

        Driving around in EVs will not fix anything. EVs are only as clean as the electricity they use to recharge. EVs also require just as much petroleum to manufacture as ICE vehicles. Instead of processing fossil fuels for gasoline, they require mining of resources for the batteries. The batteries can be somewhat recycled, but when recycling a lithium battery only 50% of the materials can be reused. Eventually those recycled batteries will have no remaining recyclable content and need to be disposed of. The type of pollution is just being shifted around, and then 250-300 years down the road there will be new problems that will need fixing that were created when we thought we were solving problems. “Going Green” is more a business opportunity than it is a noble cause with the best interests of the planet in mind.

      4. Barry

        Climate change is Natural its been happening from day 1..through the years it constantly changes an always will.

  4. Jim

    No one wants BEV, it’s not ready for this time – many issues . . .
    Where are the HEV vehicles (Gas/Electric) like the old C-Max (Great Vehicle) which was deleted from the Ford line-up.
    Current Ford management team (Worst Ever) needs be aligned with real engineers that are in the know of vehicle development, and develops vehicles that people want.
    Stop listening to these ding bats in Washington DC because they are clueless.
    Shame on the Ford family for listening to these people that do not have automotive background

    1. Mick1

      My 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid with 175k miles is a winner? Most reliable car I have ever had!

  5. Edward

    I am so happy that I purchased a ’22 Corsair Grand Touring. I think PHEVs are far more practical for general use. Moving away from ICE-only to PHEVs is a logical step. Most people aren’t ready for a BEV, but a PHEV is a great introduction. My husband’s daily work commute is all-electric, as well as my errands around town. We buy gasoline on road trips, or usually about once every 45 to 60 days or so. Even when using gasoline on road trips, a luxury car that is getting 40 mpg is very welcome.

    1. Rick Hallanger

      I originally bought a 2021 Lincoln Corsair.. GT.. loved the ride.. and of course the options Ford doesn’t have… not trying to help the climate change.. it changes every minute.. (what is normal) any way loved the mileage. leased a ‘ 23 Mustang Mach E. Ford needs to get them out on the road so gave me a deal… ( I miss my Lincoln ) and will go back to hybrid… MN winter drops the range..knew it … still wanted to check the Mustang out..

  6. Tom

    This isn’t hard to understand. Automakers are going battery-electric. Right now, they’re dumping tons of money into it, and it’s not paying off. We see that. They’re losing money and sales are not panning out. But if you expect a reversal, you’re not following the industry. Gas will not magically get cheaper and regardless of whether the infrastructure is ready or not, new car sales will be going electric. Even if the feds stop subsidizing it, we’re still going EV.

    What I would concede is that this will be a much longer transformation than automakers are planning, but at some point in my lifetime, we’ll get there to only new fully EVs. And those who can’t switch will continue to drive their used ICE vehicles (until they’re fully phased out), rideshare in EVs (or self-driving taxis, which I don’t believe will happen), or ride public transportation in EV-powered vehicles.

  7. Darnell

    Are they crazy? They really think all these people want an EV? I hope they dont go bankrupt.

  8. Tk

    See ya Ford! Never buy a pure electric and never buy Chinese!

  9. robh

    I am wondering what ford is thinking with all these future chinese made fords. Do they really think an American consumer will buy a Lincoln thats made in China?? If anything, a move to make their product in china only tarnishes their brands reputation. What is china known for primarily? Making cheap, low quality products. Not exactly the place I’d want my car to be made, -especially at the prices they are asking. then comes the next obvious question. What happens when political tensions with china erupt, which they surely will in the next several years, the US government will likely ban imports of non essential goods, if china doesn’t cut them off on their end. getting parts for a chinese made product will be impossible if a war breaks out over Taiwan or some other issue with china. And from a consumers point of view, who would want to be driving a car that was made in an enemy country? People will question Ford’s patriotism to the USA just as has been happening with that michigan battery plant they are partnering with a chinese company on. Ford- STOP AIDING AND ABETTING THE ECONOMY OF A FOREIGN ENEMY!!! Its disgusting!

  10. Big burnin gas steve

    Hey Jon and all you climate change believers! If climate change was real and all ocean levels are rising why, why do all millionaires and billionaires buy and live on ocean front properties!!??!!

    1. Pepe LePew

      Hey Steve and all you climate change deniers! Can you present any peer reviewed evidence that it doesn’t exist!!??!! Facts over feelings sweety!!??!!

    2. James

      Steve apparently doesn’t understand the concept of “vacation houses”.

  11. Hampton Stewart

    I guess that means my present Ford Escape will be my last Ford Product. Have driven a Ford my entire life. I am older and dropped down to the Escape from the Explorer when the escape came out. We drive back and forth from California to Washington State.
    I don’t want to stop to recharge a battery every 300 miles or so. The all electric cars are going to be a failure. Especially cold weather when batteries don’t hold a charge as well and having to use the heater and lites in rainy weather. Someone at Ford better put their brain to work before you lose a lot of customers.

  12. carl

    We ordered a Ford Edge ST on the last day that we could, when we heard that they were going to China. Do not want a Chinese built, or should I say cobbled together vehicle. I bought a Black&Decker car polisher 4 months ago, that came with 2 bonnets. Neither fit and the company sent me 4 more units and none fit. They also suggested to buy bonnets separately. I looked at the reviews and most said they don’t fit. What I think happened, is B&Decker told the Chinese bonnet maker that they wanted 10″ bonnets. They didn’t know any better and cut out a 10″ piece of material and by the time the sewed the elastic and edging, the size went down about 1-2 inches.
    SO, what do you think would happen when vehicles are made there??

  13. Tk

    I Am Canadian and see this as a reason to close the Oakville plant when these things don’t sell. Also when are we going to wake up. China is not America’s or Canada’s friend.

    1. JC

      Tell that to our current PM

  14. Julian Digby Bottin

    Chinese Ford? Never! (not that I would buy a Chinese car from any other manufacturer either…EV or not).

  15. John

    Ford is going to lose a lot of us not making the kind of cars we want

  16. Dennis Butler

    Ford continues down the fast lane to all evs no matter what. They really don’t get it that most people can’t change over that quickly. Nor should they with what still needs to be done. They burning bridges very quickly that I think they will regret. We have had many escapes over the years and liked them all. All I have heard is the Edge and Escape are done. Then not done. Always liked our Ford products and would purchase again. However we went Hyundai Tucson this time. I hope the gas Escape continues on until the evening version gets much improved.

  17. Roger

    We don’t want EV s ,over priced under Performing

  18. Charles Burke

    Ford continues to drive loyal customers away by eliminating the cars they like to buy. I have been a loyal Ford customer most of my life but recently bought a Volkswagen because Ford simply doesn’t build any cars anymore. I have a Lincoln MKC that I love but I will not be buying an electric vehicle from them so it looks like I’ll buy another import.

  19. Ed Trojan

    My dad drove Fords his entire life, starting with a Model T & ending with a Lincoln. The same with me, Fords all my life. My 2020 Lincoln Continental will be my last Ford product because it’s obvious the decision makers at Ford don’t want me ad a customer. I buy AMERICAN, not Chinese!

  20. Andrew j

    With my son at a Toyota dealership they pushed ev and hybrid cars hard. Because that’s all they had on hand. New gas cars were 6 to 8 weeks out and every one of them was sold a month or more before they got in. Nobody wants them. I’ll fix my ford explorer forever before I buy and electric. I would consider hydrogen, but the price has to get reasonable first. I will never buy an electric.

  21. Viola Okragleski

    Why should I even buy an ev when the electric inferstructure can’t handle it, and ford can’t even fix the existing recall problems and won’t fix the 2020-2021 escape broken welds on the driver’s side door catch! The dealer’s want to replace the whole door for at least 2 thousand dollars. $1100 for the door and then you have to pay to have it painted. Their body shop will charge for that. A couple of hundred dollars.

  22. Instructor

    our infrastructure it the most solid in the world all this stupid talk about it not handling the ev load is a lack of real information look it up in real sources not from a blog written by a mechanic in his handyman garage.

  23. JD

    For some unexplainable reason, the US government is taking tax dollars from everyone and reallocating them in the form of tax rebates for the rich to buy an EV? Try as I may I have yet to find a single poor person who has purchased an EV. It’s a classic case of reverse Robin Hood steal from the poor and give to the rich. The fact that no one talks about this is shocking to me. The fact that Biden has intentionally destroyed our nations, energy independence and driven up gas prices on purpose is quite clear. The fact that the vast vast majority of people clearly have no interest in an EV is crystal clear. Some of us are old enough to remember when the infinitely wise US government told us that we were switching to the metric system. I’m placing the notion that we’re switching to all electric vehicles in that same category. At least not for 100 years maybe a thousand.

  24. Jake

    Is this going to be that different from a Mach e? They are going to kill off one of their very few hybrid/plug in hybrid options for a mach e competitor?


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