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Ford Explorer Production Plummeted In October 2023

Back on September 29th, the Untied Auto Workers (UAW) expanded its targeted strike against Ford by walking out of the Chicago Assembly plant – which builds the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. It was the second facility targeted by the UAW following the Ford Michigan Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger, which it walked out of just a couple of weeks prior. The strike continued until Ford struck a tentative agreement with the union in late October, which – as one would imagine – means that Ford Explorer production plummeted last month, according to the automaker’s latest sales report.

Last month, a grand total of 173 Ford Explorer crossovers were built at the Chicago Assembly plant, which is 22,623 fewer than September – a drop of 643 percent, month-over-month. September was also the second most productive month of the year behind only January – when Ford built 24,159 units of the long-running model. In any event, October’s small tally brings total 2023 calendar year production of the Ford Explorer up to 166,773 units with two months to go.

While production is back on in Chicago and at Ford’s other plants following the aforementioned tentative agreement with the UAW, it is worth noting that union members must still vote to approve that deal before it can take effect. Thus far, most plants have done precisely that – including Chicago Assembly – though two – the Louisville Assembly plant and Kentucky Truck plantdid not.

The details of Ford’s tentative agreement with the UAW include a 25 percent general pay increase across the lifespan of the contract, as well as the aforementioned multi-billion dollar investment on the automaker’s part into its current and future plants and products, plus various other concessions. Additionally, the old eight-year wage progression has been reduced to three years, while those with three or more years of service will automatically be bumped up to top pay if the deal is ratified. Cost of living adjustments will also make a return after they went away back in 2009 during the recession, and temporary employees will become full-time after 90 days of service once/if the deal if ratified, with future temp hires hitting that point in nine months.

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  1. Mark

    I’m 100% certain that Bronco sales haven’t cut into the Explorer sales numbers. Well, maybe 1% sure….

  2. Darnell

    Hopefully they use the opportunity to improve build quality.

  3. Joseph M.Rabena

    As a long time Ford Motors vehicle owner (1967-2021), quality hasn’t been up to par recently. My 2021 Ford Explorer Platinum has been a total disappointment. Module issues, camera recall, window switches recall and more. Never have had so many issues with one vehicle in my life… Latest issue is the rear-deicer that is literally peeling off the rear window. Even with the remainder of my new car and an extended warranty, Ford refuses to correct the issue. Insist a harsh chemical must have been used. Never, nothing but a damp Chamois is the only thing ever used to clean my interior and exterior glass…
    Ford has yet to respond to any of my inquiries.
    There is no new Ford vehicle in my future any longer. They finally managed to chase me to another vehicle manufacturer.
    Thanks for nothing,

    Joseph M. Rabena (USAF-Ret)
    Philadelphia, Pa

  4. Mugen

    Well thats what happens when a company like Ford goes WoKe! Just like the other situations, when you go WoKe you go broke n no one wants your junk of any type! I have been a loyal Ford buyer n fan over the decades unfortunately as soon as comrade Farley n Billy Ford screwed up everything by following a fake climate hoax agenda n started making useless battery powered gimmicks that’s when I decided no more! They need to get rid of these WoKe clowns n get a real American leader like Donald Trump!


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