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Ford Mustang Among Vehicles Banned From Coffee & Cars Events

Over the years, the Ford Mustang has unfortunately garnered a bit of an unsavory reputation for being, well, a vehicle that many of its owners like to show off in and oftentimes crash – whether that be into other vehicles, structures, or even crowds. We’ve seen this happen time and time again, and unfortunately for those of us that don’t engage in such silly activities and organizers of events like local cars and coffee meets, those actions also oftentimes wind up getting these gatherings canceled out of concern for public safety. That appears to be the case with an event in Texas called Coffee & Cars, which has decided to take action by banning the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Dodge Challenger temporarily.


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“Due to this morning’s burnouts and revving, we will be temporarily banning all Mustang, Chargers & Camaros,” Coffee & Cars posted via Instagram. “We keep asking for cooperation to reduce this behavior and we have signs posted. If this behavior continues we will be forced to only do Invitational Only Events. We have an Epic lineup for the end of the year Toy Drive. Please stop encouraging this behavior, spread the word place and thank you.”


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As one might imagine, this move didn’t happen without its fair share of controversy – rather, many have since chimed in on other posts (this one has comments turned off) to express their disdain for the decision to ban American machines from future events. “Prejudice and bias have no place in car culture. You should be ashamed of your hateful actions against domestic car drivers.” one commenter stated, while others suggested that organizers should go after specific owners that are engaging in these unsavory practices rather than issuing a blanketed ban. In a follow up comment by Coffee & Cars, it seems like that’s precisely what it has decided to do.

“We are finding the individuals and holding them responsible for their actions with the help of HPD,” organizers wrote. “We hope to resolve this before our next event and then we can let everyone back in. Thank you for those who have been supporting.”

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    Hmmm…Texas you say… the CD same state that defends gun rights, saying the problem is not the gun, but is the gun user. Well, the problem is not the Mustang!

    1. Alfred

      But, its not a constitutional right to bring your car to a cars & coffee event. If they wanted to, they could just invite Yugo owners.

  2. ArtG

    Challengers but not Chargers?

    1. Lurch

      Four doors, I guess.

  3. Mark B

    Stupid is as stupid gets, I believe is the saying.

  4. Sebastian Schmidt

    It’s like Pitbulls, they don’t need to ban the cars, they need to ban the idiots who drive them. Diversity it’s out strength.

  5. Bennie

    Yes you ban the Mustangs and Camaros and the chargers but it’s not the cars causing the problem it’s the drivers, like banning guns from those that respect them instead of going after the ones using guns to do bad things , all the same , it’s the easy way out

  6. Alfred

    The problem with banning just the idiots is they will have to have a picture I.D. on hand to ban the individual. Should the organizers take photos of everyone that drives in and then have a computer based system of identifying the offenders? Or should they just go by the one event worker that just so happen to see the exact vehicle and driver involved?

  7. David

    Yes, it’s a sad development when a meet has to deny attendance of these cars due to the individuals who think they are “Joe Cool” by showing their ego boosted testosterone overload doing massive smoking burnouts.
    Here in Cape Coral FL we had a fantastic show once a month that grew to an impressive 500 cars over one terrific three hour period. All ruined by continued burnouts by idiots and the last straw one massive rubber laying effort that brought howls of protest from nearby store/restaurant owners….the result….complete cancellation of our meet due to these stupid show offs. I’m the proud owner of a 2018 GT350 and recognize that I have to set an example by showing restraint as we will all get tarred with the same brush. We’ve just got another meet organized which is adjacent to the city police station…..guess that will make these fools think twice.

  8. Dale Dantoni

    Meanwhile where In CT it’s the riced out Hondas that act like they can do whatever they please. I don’t know a worse crowd than those stupid “stanced” cars with the exhaust that sounds like literal gunfire.

    I’d ban Ford Focus, Civic, and most ‘Subie’ owners along with the muscle cars. Throw in the BMW’s while you’re at it.

    See how quickly this gets out of control? The most dangerous drivers I’ve ever met have German cars. It’s all a matter of experience and opinion

  9. Steve

    Do you think they’ll let Bud light show up.

  10. Michael

    Really, now. Ban my car, ban my $$$. F**k ’em. 😒


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