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Ford Mustang Assembly Plant May Add Mysterious New Product

Following a six-week-long strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, the United Auto Workers (UAW) reached a tentative contract agreement with all three of the Detroit Big Three automakers in late October, effective ending that strike. Since then, a number of Blue Oval facilities have voted to ratify the agreement, including the Ford Flat Rock Assembly plant in Michigan, which currently produces only one model – the Ford Mustang. However, a big part of this new tentative deal consists of major investments by Ford in its existing products and plants, and the details of that roadmap seem to indicate that a mysterious new product is destined to join the Ford Mustang at the Flat Rock plant.

Ford United Auto Workers UAW New Contract Product Investments

According to this roadmap, Ford will invest $50 million in the Flat Rock plant as part of the new UAW agreement, which means that Ford Mustang production will continue at the plant. However, these notes also state that “pending program approval, new product will be added,” which could be just about anything.

Given the fact that $50 million isn’t a massive investment by comparison, it’s likely that FoMoCo could simply be adding another Mustang variant to the production line. This makes quite a bit of sense, particularly given the fact that additional pony car variants are certain to join the S650 lineup in the coming years, as the automaker has hinted at over the past few months.

As Ford Authority exclusively reported back in April, the automaker has been testing S650 Mustang Shelby GT500 mules for months now, with that range-topping model seemingly a lock to make a comeback for the new generation pony car. Additionally, Ford CEO Jim Farley previously hinted that a hybrid version of the Mustang is more realistic at the moment than a fully-electrified version of the coupe. Either way, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what Ford has up its proverbial sleeve when it comes to adding a new product to the Flat Rock plant in the coming years.

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  1. John

    When I read the headline, I was thinking, “Please be a V8 hybrid!” Then you stated it in the article. Man, I hope this is happening!

  2. John

    There once was talk of a Mustang High Performance Sedan??????? Yes, 4 doors!! Hey, look how many Chargers they sold!! Seems like a logical line extension, as the just need to lengthen the coupe!!

    1. RickL

      They should not minimize the Mustang with a four door sedan. Look what they did to the T-Bird in the Sixties. A four door variant should be a much larger sedan in the likes of a Mercedes S550 and marketed under the Lincoln moniker. Of course it should have a 5.0 in it.

  3. The Wizard

    No they don’t.
    What they need to do is create a Performance Hybrid across all engines.
    A sure Tesla beater for the V8.
    A much better wet road car regardless of engine…

  4. HasPic

    RWD ICE sedan based on Explorer platform: Ford Fairlane.

    Yes I’m dreaming.

  5. Tigger

    $50 Million is just for keeping up maintenance and new tooling at FRAP. Since the supposed new product is “pending approval” no funds have been allocated yet. The $50 million is the guaranteed amount to be spent at FRAP irregardless of the new product.

  6. Ford Owner

    Ford has a hybrid Mustang patent years ago, and it was posted here at Ford Authority. It adds two electric motors at the front wheels, so it will be a parallel hybrid, just as the Chevy Corvette E-Ray. I hope that this will be the new product because hybrids are extremely efficient and economical. I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and it saved me thousands of dollars in unneeded maintenance. Ford makes the best hybrids in the world since 2005!

  7. philip tilley

    What we need is a Crown Victoria Sedan and Wagon and so do the Police and Government Agencies, long overdue.


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