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Ford Ranger PHEV Production Officially Slated For Africa

Production of the redesigned Ford Ranger began at the Silverton Assembly plant in South Africa nearly one year ago, and just a few weeks later, was ramped up to meet higher-than-expected demand. During its retooling process, Ford added a new frame line to that particular facility to improve quality and output, too. Last month, Ford Authority reported that the brand new Ford Ranger PHEV – which was just revealed in Septembercould also be produced at Silverton, and now, that rumor has been confirmed by Ford CEO Jim Farley himself.

“Proud to announce the first-ever Ranger Plug-in Hybrid will be produced by our incredible team in South Africa,” Farley said via X, adding that this facility “currently produces & exports the new Ford Ranger to 100+ global markets. Excited to add Ranger PHEV to the lineup!”

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

At first, it seemed as if the Ford Ranger PHEV was destined to be sold only in Europe and Australia at first, though as Ford Authority previously reported, the electrified pickup is expected to launch in the U.S. at some point in the future. Though Ford hasn’t yet announced any power or fuel economy data for the new model, the Ranger plug-in hybrid utilizes the existing Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost plus an electric motor and battery to offer customers 28 miles of electric-only driving range and 7,716 pounds of max towing capacity. Production of the Ford Ranger PHEV is slated to begin in late 2024, with deliveries following in early 2025.

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  1. Ford Owner

    Ford customers were waiting for the next hybrid or electric truck. Bring this plug in to the U.S. and sell millions.

  2. Bill

    25 miles of range? Let me see. The old CMax Energi had a 21 mile range with all 5.6kWh usable battery capacity. Since the Ranger is taller, wider, heavier and will not have Eco-tires, we should figure about 2.6-2.7 miles of range per kWh capacity on flat land and in warm/normal temperatures. That would indicate a useable battery capacity of under 10kWh. Which is too small and indicates the Ranger platform is just not designed for such an addition. The F150 Lightening has a better miles per kWh than this Ranger vehicle.

  3. Kman

    This should have been offered five years ago. This is perfect for when a tank of gas doesn’t make it the two weeks to pay day due to unplanned trips. Wouldn’t want to have to charge often with 50 percent of my electric bill being taxes and delivery fees but not stressing bout getting to work would be worth it.

  4. Jeff G

    I am one of the U.S. Ford customers that have been waiting for this vehicle for several years. It will fit my needs perfectly as I cannot afford a F150 hybrid and I need more towing capacity than a Maverick can provide. Was very disappointed when Ford said the Ranger PHEV would not be available in the U.S. because there are other Ford hybrid pickups available. Ford has underestimated how many people are in the same situation. Sure hope they reconsider soon and bring this vehicle to the U.S.


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