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Ford Ranger Raptor Used To Break Side Wheelie World Record

Seven-time British motorsport champ and stunt driver Paul Swift is no stranger to piloting all sorts of Blue Oval machinery, driving a Focus ST up Goodwood Festival of Speed’s hill climb and even using a Ford Ranger to pull 15 campers to show off its towing capabilities. Recently, Swift pulled off yet another wild feat when he used a brand new Ford Ranger Raptor to set a new Guinness Book of World Record for driving on just two wheels.

Ford Ranger Raptor Paul Swift Guinness Book Of World Records - Exterior 002 - Front

Specifically, Swift set a new record for completing the tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels, which makes it even more impressive. As we can see in the video below, Swift piloted his Ford Ranger Raptor up a ramp to get it rolling on the right two wheels only, then proceeded to navigate it between two poles before bringing it back down to earth.

Guinness Book of World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday was on hand to supervise the record attempt and measure the distance that Swift traveled, as well as the span between the two poles. Amazingly, this feat left a mere 88 centimeters of space – or 34.6 inches – to spare, which is even more impressive given how windy it was on this particular day.

“We also used a big vehicle, so we had to strengthen the ramp,” Swift noted. “Being it a 4×4, this car has quite a lot of suspension travel. Trying to keep it nice and stable while it went through the gap was my biggest challenge. But I am delighted that we’ve got it! Ultimately, we needed everything to be right. I also had a great team of people around me that helped me prepare for this challenge. I’ve used that car for quite a few other stunts recently, with various filming jobs that we have done, and I have found it to be sort of indestructible.”

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