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Ford Stock Down Seven Percent During Week Of November 6th – November 10th, 2023

The value of Ford stock dropped in value during the November 6th, 2023 – November 10th, 2023 timeframe. Shares closed the week at $9.86, which represents a seven percent dip, or $0.70 decrease in value compared to the prior week’s closing value of $10.56.

Movement & Ranges

Ford Stock Values - November 6th - November 10th, 2023
Date Open Close/Last High Low
11/10/2023 $9.81 $9.86 $9.87 $9.67
11/09/2023 $10.04 $9.70 $10.07 $9.69
11/08/2023 $10.19 $10.05 $10.21 $10.03
11/07/2023 $10.25 $10.17 $10.29 $10.05
11/06/2023 $10.56 $10.31 $10.60 $10.24

By comparison, shares of General Motors dropped in value by $2.92, or just under 10 percent, during the same timeframe.

The drop in Ford share value during the week follows a six percent increase from last week, which in turn followed a 14 percent drop during the preceding five day trading period.

Ford debuted the 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special during the week.

Ford CEO Jim Farley has been steadfastly outlining The Blue Oval’s future since assuming the role in October 2020. The company’s key goals and organizational changes include:

Stock Performance Year-To-Date

Ford Stock Values - January - December 2023
Month Opening Value
January 3rd $11.82
February 1st $13.52
March 1st $12.35
April 3rd $12.53
May 1st $12.01
June 1st $12.07
July 3rd $15.15
August 1st $13.15
September 1st $12.16
October 2nd $12.38
November 1st $9.84

Ford share values are 17 percent lower when compared to the first day of trading in 2023. The supply chain crisis, microchip shortage, and macroeconomic concerns about the state of the global economy has clearly rattled investors, which in turn has impacted the value of Ford stock, despite the company’s best efforts to be transparent about its future plans. Additionally, Wall Street does not seem to be warming up to the company’s ongoing EV strategy, which has been modified as of late to account for demand and pricing changes.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Mike

    Sadly, I fear the blue oval’s days are numbered. Unless dire changes are made immediately. And the UAW just put another nail in Ford’s coffin!

  2. Bruce Holberg

    Farley bet the farm on EV, and now the company will buy the farm. Some things can be done rather quickly…bring over the Chinese sedan, use pars from the Maverick to make an inexpensive sedan, etc. Corporate hubris prevents rethinking anything, so, Mike, I fear you are correct.

  3. William J. Offutt Jr.

    Just like Joe Biden ; CEO Farley will sink the Blue Oval by relying on Electric Autos , when the immediate sales of vehicles are the assortment of Kia and Hundai variety that are successful in the price range , that are selling TODAY !


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