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More Ford Dealers Have Dropped Out Of EV Sales Program

Since it announced the Model e Certified program last year, Ford has dealt with its fair share of backlash related to this new EV sales program, which Ford dealers were given the chance to either opt in or out of. Facing a number of legal challenges and trust issues pertaining to its implementation, the automaker later decided to make some changes to the Model e Certified program, which satisfied some of those concerns, though others remain. Following these changes, a small number of Ford dealers chose to opt out of the program after initially opting in, and now, more have followed suit, according to Mike Martinez of Automotive News.

Martinez notes that around 400 Ford dealers have dropped out of the Model e Certified program since the initial enrollment numbers were shared by the automaker, and adds that Ford wants its dealers to carry very little EV inventory on their lots, which is why it plans to create retail replenishment centers.

This news comes on the heels of Ford’s legal battle in Illinois, which it just lost last week. There, the state’s motor vehicle board determined that Ford broke the law by requiring dealers to make hefty investments in return for the ability to sell all-electric vehicles, a decision that pertains to not only investments in training, but also installing pricey Level 2 chargers. As a result, the automaker made several changes to its requirements, reducing the number of chargers it requires dealers to install, pushing back deadlines to do so, and slashing training costs in half.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Late last month, Ford also announced that it would be delaying or canceling around $12 billion of its own planned investments into EVs amid waning demand, a move that includes downsizing its future BlueOval Battery Park Michigan site and only using one of two under-construction battery plants at BlueOval SK Battery Park in Kentucky for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Michael Noah

    When will U.S. automakers start building affordable cars and trucks that Americans actually want to buy, instead of over-priced, virtue-signaling cars and trucks that liberal politicians “demand” that we buy?

  2. John

    Good, we don’t want EVs! Keep them as an option, but stop with trying to force them on people.

  3. Jason

    Both comments make me laugh. Liberal politicians are the reason there are not affordable automobiles? Forcing EVs on people? Politicians on both sides are greedy capitalist. Please show me were EVs are being forced on people. Besides Teslas most other are even noticed in public because they are so few.

    1. David Dickinson II

      States with an ICE ban on the books right now. Generally by 2035: CA, CO, CT, MD, NJ, NY, NM, OR, WA, VT, and VA. All bans were put in place by Dems.

      1. David Dickinson II

        Fresh Update: CT just withdrew their EV mandate today. Let’s hope it is the first of many.

  4. Mf

    Unfortunately until the big losses hurt the bottom line for their investment bank overlords, the automakers will continue to lose money at the altar of EVs.

    It all boils down to ESG chasing for these idiotic banks.

  5. Johnny B

    RENT AN EV before you spend your hard earned money on one. I did and will NEVER rent or own one.

  6. Marcos Avellan

    The reality of economics clashes with the aspiration of carbon neutrality. Shows that gotta be level headed when it comes to business decisions. In the US , other than a Tesla I don’t see a single US made ev I like. And charging us a pain.


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