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New Jersey To Adopt 2035 Zero-Emission Vehicle Rule

With many parts of the world – including Canada and Europe – setting or looking to implement bans on internal combustion-powered vehicles or zero-emissions mandates in recent years, the same cannot be said for the United States, at least as a whole. Instead, only a handful of states such as California, Massachusetts, Washington, and New York have thus far enacted some sort of 2035 ICE ban – though it wouldn’t apply to plug-in hybrids – which is something that Ford has historically supported. Now, we can add yet another state to this list – New Jersey – which will also implement a 2035 zero-emission vehicle rule as well.

This new rule – called Advanced Clean Cars II – was announced by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette. The rule will take effect starting in the 2027 model year, mandating that an increasing percentage of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) account for total new light-duty vehicle sales each year – starting at 43 percent and peaking at 100 percent in 2035.

As is the case with other rules, this one doesn’t ban gas-powered vehicles or force consumers to buy EVs, but it does require  manufacturers of passenger cars and light-duty trucks to meet an annual ZEV requirement intended to increase the percentage of electric vehicles sold in New Jersey and that those vehicles are manufactured to meet more stringent exhaust emission standards.

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“By filing the landmark Advanced Clean Cars II rule, New Jersey builds upon its standing as a national leader in climate action and its participation in the global Accelerating to Zero commitment,” said Governor Murphy. “The steps we take today to lower emissions will improve air quality and mitigate climate impacts for generations to come, all while increasing access to cleaner car choices. Indeed, together with my Administration’s continuing investments in voluntary electric vehicle incentives, charging infrastructure, and the green economy, these new standards will preserve consumer choice and promote affordability for hardworking New Jerseyans across the state.”

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