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Refreshed 2025 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Potentially Spotted Testing

The Ford Bronco Sport debuted for the 2021 model year as a more rugged, off-road capable crossover with a reasonable price tag and plenty of heritage behind its nameplate. Since then, the Bronco Sport has been treated to nothing more than minor updates from year to year, including the typical color additions and deletions, as well as some shuffling of the trim level lineup and the addition of new variants and packages. Now, however, Ford Authority has spotted what looks to be a 2025 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands model out testing with some interesting features.

The most obvious thing one will notice about this possible 2025 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands prototype is its jacked-up ride height, as the crossover is clearly riding quite a bit higher than any existing model in the lineup. Underneath, that extra ride height is taken advantage of by a set of beefy-looking tires, which certainly complement the crossover’s more rugged intentions. As such, it’s possible that this prototype signals Ford is thinking about creating a new, more capable version of the Bronco Sport, perhaps even one that slots above the Badlands in that lineup. On the non-Sport Bronco, such a model is called Bronco Raptor.

Otherwise, there’s plenty of camo covering the front and rear portions of this Ford Bronco Sport, which is typically seen on prototypes bearing styling changes as part of a mid-cycle refresh. It’s difficult to discern any details as a result, but we can still see the familiar round headlights peeking through that camo, which are likely complemented by some updates to the lighting, grille, and/or front bumper that could also be mimicked out back with a revised tailgate, taillight, and/or bumper design. We can also see cameras on the side mirrors, which could indicate the presence of a 360-degree camera system.

As Ford Authority reported back in September 2021, a hybrid powertrain for the Bronco Sport has long been rumored to be in the works, which was previously expected to arrive for the 2024 model year. Regardless, the rugged crossover seems primed to stick around for a while into the foreseeable future, as another previous report suggested that the Bronco Sport will continue to ride on the on the Ford C2 platform through 2030, with a product end date of July 31st, 2031 – an 11-year production run,  albeit one that should be buoyed by updates such as refreshes and redesigns along the way.

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  1. RH

    Unfortunately the Bronco sport still has a 3 cylinder engine, Ford is pushing on its customers. Even that, Jim Farley the Ford CEO can’t get right for it has had cracked fuel injectors;Toyota still staying with 4 cylinder. Ford has so many beautiful vehicles, be great if it could finally and soon get its quality fixed. I am optimistic with appointment of new Ford COO, this should significantly improve Ford’s senior leadership, particularly with manufacturing quality

    1. SCEcoBoost

      He’s not an outsider. The “new” Ford COO drinks the same Kool-Aid as Farley and Billy Boy.

    2. BroncoEAI1975

      Badlands models has 2.0l 4cyl. I agree all should have the 2.0l but, I also would like a 2 door version, and for Ford to drop the escape. Moonroof should also be std. it’s a Bronco should have more open air, rear quarter panels windows should be removable, and glass on lift gate should go down into liftgate.

  2. Jim Glass

    One thing telling in the photos is the presence of chrome dual exhaust tips. That could signify a “raptor” version. I like the hidden dual exhaust on the Badlands where they are out of harm’s way.

  3. SCEcoBoost

    The Sport will be due for its Mid Cycle Refresh for ’25, so don’t jump to any conclusions. Still stuck with the unreliable 3-cylinder on most trims, no doubt.

  4. eRock92

    All of you saying the 3-cylinder engine is unreliable is confusing as there is no objective evidence that it is. I own an Escape with the 3-cyl engine with over 85,000 miles put on it; no issues at all. Will a turbo engine last as long as a naturally aspirated engine, probably not. That doesn’t make it unreliable as long as you take care of it and do the necessary maintenance.

    1. Al B

      Agree, I haven’t heard that they are any worse than other Ford engines. I have a 3 cylinder 1.0L Turbo Fiesta (a VERY rare car only sold with a 5-spd manual) and it has been a blast to drive and totally reliable. Of course, it is a German-made 3 cylinder, not the same as the Bronco Sport engine. However, I do think that so much torque out of 1.0 liter can’t be ideal for long-term durability. Time will tell.

    2. Bronco Bill

      Hell yeah! I’ve got the 3 cylinder in my 2023 Bronco Sport Big Bend and it is reliable, great gas mileage, and gets to 120 mph in no time.

  5. Sachin

    Is it me or the new bronco sport looks bigger in size

    1. Walter

      Is it me or did you not read the article

  6. BobbyBronc

    We could really use a Bronco Sport Hybrid of PHEV.

  7. BobbyBronc

    Meant to write: Bronco Sport Hybrid or PHEV!


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