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Refreshed 2025 Ford Maverick Spotted For Second Time

We’ve known for some time – nearly since the day the Ford Maverick launched – that additional variants of the smash hit compact pickup were on the way, a topic that The Blue Oval itself confirmed via its Q3 financial results reporting early this month. Over the past year or so, Ford Authority has also spotted a number of Ford Maverick pickups decked out in various stages of camouflage – as well as some with no coverings whatsoever. Now, these new photos appear to depict a refreshed 2025 Ford Maverick that’s the same exact model Ford Authority spotted earlier this month – or even some sort of new variant – out testing as well.

This 2025 Ford Maverick prototype is covered in some pretty heavy camo across the entire front clip, as well as the rear fenders and bed area, signaling that some changes may be on the verge of taking place there. Interestingly, the camo itself features various images that depict activities those with active lifestyles might engage in, such as people hiking, skiing, and even pictures of a tent – which may or may not provide a hint at the purpose of this particular vehicle, too.

Aside from that fascinating detail, there are some other features here worth pointing out – namely, the pickup’s 19-inch wheels, which aren’t currently offered on any version of the Maverick, along with a set of 225/65R19 Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT all-season tires and an independent rear suspension, which likely signals that it’s an all-wheel drive model, too. It also has cameras on each of the side mirrors, which means that the compact pickup will most likely be getting a 360-degree camera system.

In the rear, we can also see the presence of an EPA exhaust tip, which is usually used for testing purposes when a model is set to be powered by a new engine. However, in this case, that part is likely in place because the weight of this Maverick is changing due to updates present in the interior. As such, Ford would need to rectify the pickup with the EPA for emissions and fuel economy purposes.

Ford Authority originally reported that FoMoCo wasn’t ruling out additional Maverick variants back in August 2021, which could include a high-performance ST street-focused pickup (which would make sense given the immense popularity of the Explorer ST) or other off-road-centered models like the Tremor. Back in March 2022, Ford Authority also reported that following the Maverick’s addition to Ford’s list of “icons,” this possibility grew even stronger.

This past June, Ford Authority exclusively reported that a “street performance” version of the Ford Maverick was in the works, and shortly thereafter, spotted what seemed to be a prototype of that model out at FoMoCo’s test track, followed by a pair of additional prototypes as well. Back in August, Ford also filed to trademark “Maverick Lobo,” which could signal the arrival of this or yet another variant, too.

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  1. Kevin

    Hopefully they fix that pocket next to the display

  2. NMK

    I hope the interior wont still look like it was made by little tikes. The maverick COULD be a decent value for the money. The key is not being one of the idiots that pays a markup. Who in their right mind Pays F150 money for a cheap low quality “truck”?

  3. Graham

    An ST with a six speed manual would be great. After all, it is essentially a sedan with utility. I love my six speed 2018 sedan. BTW, at my age I’ve seen Ford design trends come and go, but the company is at its best with clean designs such a the early sixties and more recently the Flex, Bronco, and the Maverick. Jay Leno’s Falcon Sport is a classic.

  4. Susan

    Redesign center panel improve cup holder so it’s adjustable.
    Cubby’s have no use.
    Tint upper window glass- sun is always in my eyes.
    Push buttons in the way of setting any small purse anywhere safe.
    Worst interior orange color.

  5. Clarence Roller

    Make it so that you can choose the default driving mode. Move the display screen up around an inch and to the right(don’t need the cubby), then put the start button to the left of the screen. Then under the display screen put all the buttons that are on the driver’s console so that you don’t have to look down to see them!
    Then on the driver’s screen put the blind side alerts right in front of the driver’s face on the screen, put the info that is on the bottom of the screen(motor temp, gear selection, etc) on the top of the screen. I don’t care what you do with direction and outside temp info(if you don’t know it’s warm or cold, rainy or sunny and what direction you are going you shouldn’t be driving).
    AND please make it so that when I open the Mav’s door the inside lights ALWAYS come on!

    1. Gary Honard

      You can select the interior lights to come on when any door is open. Rocker switch is between the lights at mirror.

  6. Tyrone G

    and create a PHEV version

  7. catalina c c assoc.

    Good luck replacing a 225/65/19 Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT tire! Must be a 1 off.

  8. mike s

    All these suggestions sound wonderful. You’ll probably get none of them!

  9. Betty Emma Stefani-Jones

    How about we just get the Maverick we ordered a year and a half ago?

  10. MikeRR

    The Maverick has certainly gotten a ton more woman into the truck segment

  11. John

    I would rather go for the new 2024 Ranger (with the 2.7 L V6) over the Maverick. The Maverick is a bit too small for my taste and the front end needs a better design.


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