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S650 Ford Mustang Production Will Continue Into 2028

As The Blue Oval – and much of its competition – continues to invest heavily in electrification, the future of sporty, V8-powered, rear-wheel drive coupes with available manual transmissions seems to be in question. In fact, we’ve seen pretty much every conventional Mustang rival face discontinuation – at least temporarily – but the iconic pony car continues to live on with the all-new S650 Ford Mustang that just launched this past summer. It’s unclear how long the Mustang will be able to survive in this configuration, but according to Ford’s product and production investments that are part of its new contract with the United Auto Workers (UAW), we’ve seemingly got at least a few more years to go in that regard.

Ford United Auto Workers UAW New Contract Product Investments

According to this roadmap, S650 Ford Mustang production at the Flat Rock Assembly plant “will continue” along with a $50 million dollar investment in that facility, which is notable given the fact that this contract runs through April 2028. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the pony car is potentially set to be joined by another new product on the Flat Rock assembly line, too, though it’s entirely unclear what the might be – whether it’s another Mustang variant or something different altogether.

Regardless, Ford has made it quite clear that it intends to keep building V8 engines and installing them in Mustangs as long as it possibly can, and production of the 5.2L V8 seems destined to last at least through the spring of 2028, too. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what might become of the iconic pony car, which was previously rumored to stick around in ICE form until the end of the decade, after which another report indicated that it may be replaced by an all-electric variant.

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  1. Michael G

    Why would anyone buy an EV? They are bad for the environment. They are massively heavy, what happens when one of these overweight vehicles hits a pedestrian, bike rider, or motorcyclist? More expensive than a comparable car. Length of time to charge. Electrical infrastructure that doesn’t exist for 200- 300 million vehicles. CCP will destroy America with increased dependence. I could go on the negatives forever.

    1. Lealand

      A Tesla Model 3 in its heaviest configuration weighs 4,034 pounds and the Mustang in its heaviest configuration weighs 4,138 pounds. A Tesla Model X which is the company’s heaviest model until the Cybertruck shows up is 5,441 pounds. A loaded Chevy Tahoe weighs 5,553 pounds. A Suburban weighs 6,121 pound. The lightest Ford Expedition (2002) weighed 5,345 pounds and the newest Expedition can weigh upwards of 5,973 pounds. There are outliers out there like the GMC Hummer EV which is an exercise in excess and it does weigh 9,063 but at nearly 100k in base form isn’t going to be very common.

      1. Michael G

        Weight of a Lightening 8250 pounds. Just saying.

  2. geowar

    It’s the future, whether you like it or not. How many gas stations you think were around when the ICE automobile started to be seen on roads as opposed to horse stables for rent to people traveling? Stop your whining. You’ll have one parked in your driveway in the very near future.

    1. Michael G

      Because the government is pushing it and forcing manufacturers to do it, especially this government doesn’t mean its the best or correct thing to do. Quit your bs. I don’t whine just point out facts. Never will I have one in my driveway.

  3. Big burnin gas steve

    Hey Geowar, you probably don’t know how to change a sparkplug or a flat tire! Just because Joe is pushing the climate change BS doesn’t mean I have to buy an electric vehicle! This will all change when stiff man is voted out of office!

    1. Don Porochonski

      Dream on.

  4. geowar

    Hey big burn, I just swapped out my cp4 for the S&S pump, so ponder that touch hole.

    1. Jey

      Did u also change out the conuter valve while u were in there?

  5. kenf60

    The Koreans,Japanese and Germans can make Sedans but the U.S. can’t ?! Something is wrong here! We love our Fusion!

  6. Mark B

    Like most smart consumer based transportation companies, going all EV, too soon would invite potential financial issues. The fact is, the future of an all EV world will take much much longer than expected. The future always does. So, many companies will be transitioning “carefully” into this “new world” for a variety of reasons. Currently, the EV world looks like maybe the cart may be in front of the horse. It’ll be some time before that model is reversed.


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