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Some Ford Bronco SUVs Were Assembled In October 2023

Back in mid-September, the United Auto Workers (UAW) began its targeted strike against The Blue Oval at the Michigan Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco. Roughly six weeks later, the two sides managed to come to an agreement on a new tentative contract, which ended the strike, and just this week, MAP workers overwhelmingly voted in favor of that proposed deal. However, as one might expect, this weeks-long strike impacted Ford Ranger production in a big way – with zero of those trucks coming off the assembly line in October, but the automaker did manage to squeak out a few Ford Bronco SUVs, according to its Q3 sales report.

Last month, a grand total of 84 Ford Bronco SUVs were built at MAP, all of which could presumably have been produced in the last week of the month after the strike ended. Regardless, compared to the 5,566 that rolled off the assembly line in September, that figure represents a steep decline, as expected. Year to date, Ford has built a grand total of 104,075 Broncos.

Ford also recently began calling back workers at MAP that it had laid off as a result of the strike, which means that things should ramp up relatively quickly moving forward. There’s also the matter of Ford’s deal with the UAW being tentative, however, meaning that it isn’t official yet and must still be ratified by union workers.

Those workers are in the process of voting on the new master agreement, even though they’ve already returned to work. However, as Ford Authority previously reported, not only did workers at the Michigan Assembly plant overwhelmingly approve the deal, but so did workers at the Buffalo Stamping plant this week, which seemingly bodes well for the remaining facilities that have yet to vote on the matter. For now, the UAW expects the voting process to be completed by mid-November, so we’ll know very soon if that is the case.

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  1. Pete

    So how long will it be until I see my Ranger Raptor order? My dealer has not been updating me on anything.

  2. U725hopeful

    I still have a ’23 Bronco order from back in March with no scheduled build date. No email update from Ford as promised every 45 days. When is MY changeover, ’23 to ’24? Will it be pushed out 6 weeks due to the strike? Original changeover timing was supposed to be mid Nov. I’m sure Ford knows by now if they will build my ’23 Bronco or not, but still no communication.

    1. jen

      I also was waiting for my order that I placed in March. I reached out to my salesman and converted my my order over to a ’24 when the order banks opened for ’24. But then of course that was right before the strike. I keep looking to see if there is any news on what is going to be produced first, ’23 or ’24 orders.

      1. U725hopeful

        Interesting. My salesman also reached out to me. Only difference is he suggested I place another order for a ’24 which I did (not convert my ’23 order). So I actually have 2 open orders now!

    2. Robert

      I’m still waiting on my Bronco that I ordered in October…. of 2022!

  3. BroncoEAI1975

    Ford bring back 2dr Outerbanks model. I finally decided one of those but you dropped it. I want monotone paint scheme.


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