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Upcoming MEB-Based Ford EV Spotted Testing

Back in 2020, Ford and Volkswagen signed off on a partnership agreement that has since resulted in multiple collaborative efforts and new models, one that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. The two companies are mostly focused on pooling resources in the commercial and all-electric vehicle space, and that agreement is also playing a big role in Europe, where The Blue Oval has long planned on offering two crossovers that are underpinned by VW’s MEB platform. The first – the Ford Explorer EV – debuted this past March, and now, the second as-yet-unnamed model has been potentially spotted testing by Ford Authority.

That much is clear from the prototype’s styling, even though it’s completely covered from one end to another with heavy camouflage. Regardless of that covering, which obscures the model’s finer styling details, its overall shape looks quite similar to the Explorer EV, and the exposed headlights seem to provide more clues as well. The other notable feature we can see here is the pretense of a “coupe-like” rear hatch, which is slanted rather than the more upright look of the Explorer EV.

It’s unclear what this new model will be called – though a prior report suggested that it may resurrect the beloved Capri nameplate and do so with a cost of around £40,000 ($49k USD), offer up to 310 miles of charge, and do 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, with 300 horsepower coming from its electric motor(s). Previously, Ford revealed that the Explorer EV would be the “sporty” crossover of the duo, while this “five-seat mid-size crossover,” as the automaker calls it, was originally slated to enter production at the Cologne Electrification Center in Germany in 2023, though those plans have since been delayed.

As Ford Authority reported back in September, the Explorer EV was slated to enter production at the Cologne plant in early 2024, but The Blue Oval recently announced that it was pushing back its plans to build 600k EVs next year in total, and that news was accompanied by a six-month delay for the Ford Explorer EV, which CEO Jim Farley blamed on thermal propagation of the crossover’s battery.

However, Martin Sander, general manager, Ford Model e Europe, later explained that this delay stems from a desire “to wait for a new generation of Volkswagen battery technology to be available,” and he also added that the second MEB-based crossover is slated to enter production a few weeks after the Explorer EV next summer. Powertrain and battery pack spec have yet to be revealed for the Explorer EV, however, including output and range estimates, though we do know that the new model will be available in two trim levels – Explorer and Explorer Premium – and that it will start out at around €45,000 ($48,513 USD).

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  1. JE

    Another fine iconic automobile converted in a boring crossover. Another atrocity from Ford. What for?

  2. Nathaniel

    As a former Ford loyalist, I find it sad to see the demise of this company. I really think Ford’s days are numbered. While it seems like other manufacturers are elevating themselves, Ford seems to be stagnant. Companies like Hyundai, Kia, GM and even Stellantis have really elevated themselves in terms of quality and design. They aren’t perfect but they are worlds apart from their older models. Ford’s all new models look like facelifted versions of the old ones with the same level of poor quality. They used to push the boundaries in terms of designs and technology, now that’s being done by their rivals. I think within the next decade for will have to look for a merger. Quality is poor and they seem to be doing the bare minimum about it; The designs look old and outdated before hitting the showroom; They have gone all in on these stupid EV’s that nobody is buying and they are selling at a major loss; and their labor prices are now through the roof. They need a major shake up including new management.

  3. jchinuk

    I suppose it’s no surprise, but the comments here are often very ‘US-Centric’, yet I think this model is squarely aimed at the European market. I hope it’s not a shock, but the US Fords sold in the UK & Europe (Mustang, Mach-E and Edge) have a very poor reputation for quality, yet the models made in the EU are well-considered and rival the best in Europe in some respects. Judging from the photos, the corner of the greenish car is an old Focus, the prototype is in the ‘mid-size’ segment (in Europe). Europe is a very different market to the US, cars are smaller and there is not such a problem with range of EVs, simply because of the size of countries..

    1. eRock92

      A well balanced take; you must not belong here. lol One a serious note, you are correct. This is a European vehicle aimed at European markets. As we know with the US market, any EV’s they try to sell here have to cater to speed and/or capability in order to draw numbers. I believe that is why so many US EVs tout their 0-60 numbers and EV trucks add their towing capabilities and ground clearances. Also with Ford building Blue Oval City, I doubt any Americans need to fret about Ford making CUV and compact vehicles in Europe.


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